Fusion F1 Gig Bag

Published 9 years ago on October 24, 2011

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Gig bags are great but they don't exactly fill you with confidence when it comes to the ultimate protection of your favourite axe. I cringe every time I see someone walking around with a guitar over his or her shoulder covered by a thin sheet with a zip round it. Often they are only marginally better than carrying your guitar round in a bin bag (I've seen that too!).

Enter then the Fusion F1 Gig Bag. Fusion's F1 gig bags are designed with 15mm thick high density foam padding that offers superb protection for your instrument and water resistant ripstop material to keep everything in the bag dry and away from the elements. High quality rubber handles and inverted zips give even greater peace of mind and a high density foam neck brace that can be positioned within the bag to fit your guitar perfectly, add to the level of quality and confidence you'll feel.

There are, of course, a number of quality gig bags on the market with many of the features found on the Fusion, but the F1 has another trick up it's sleeve that separates it from the pack. For guitarists who carry round a laptop, lots of leads, pedals, phone, music and teaching materials, Fusion make a series of Fuse-On bags that will attach to the F1 gig bag allowing you to carry far more and still have your hands free and not feel weighed down with multiple items.

Other innovations include an airflow system as found on trecking backpacks. Foam struts hold the back of the gig bag away from your back allowing air to flow in the space. This results in a cooler back and less sweatiness for rehearsals and gigs! Always a good thing in my book. Mobile phone and mp3 pockets with headphone outlets add further benefits and high quality construction with strap pouches to store the solid straps when not in use add to the feeling of a well thought-out design. What's more, Fusion offers a wide range, with bags designed for just about any guitar or bass design (electric and acoustic) and for many other instruments too.

I'd be more than happy to carry my Suhr around in this gig bag and not be worried if I dropped it or bashed it into something. The F1 is available in three reflective colour options and is a refreshingly modern but not over-stated design. If you're in the market for a quality alternative to a hard case with similar levels of protection then check out a Fusion gig bag. It's worth paying the extra cost to protect your prized possession.

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