The story so far...

"I saw the future of magazines as being digital, and everyone thought I was crazy", says Kim Waller, founder, innovator and publisher of Guitar Interactive Magazine.
"As a guitar player, I imagined a magazine where instead of reading articles, you could watch a professional guitarist demonstrating the latest gear with video reviews of guitars, amps and pedals. A concept where even hearing the sound for a few seconds, was worth a thousand written words. But this vision was years before the iPad was released, and digital publishing became the norm. I can sort of understand why people thought it wouldn't work."

But the wheels had been set in motion at GI HQ, and on the 13th September 2007 the first edition was launched featuring Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan, with the support of a handful of brands that bought into Kim's enthusiasm and vision and saw the potential.

If GI pulled this off this would be a game changer. The concept was still some way ahead of the technology needed to deliver it effectively to everyone, but the idea was born and technology would soon catch up!

In 2012 everything changed with the launch of the iPad, and while other publishers were frantically playing catch up, the GI team were now way ahead of the curve, with a free digital magazine, designed to be shared globally, and with a regular readership of over 120,000 per month.

Now, 13 years since being launched, with Jonathan Graham as the editor, the magazine has gone from strength to strength to become the leading digital magazine for guitarists worldwide. With a solid team of world class reviewers and educators, Guitar Interactive continues to lead the way for guitarists who want the best in news, reviews, lessons and interviews.

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