In recent years, no guitarist has set the country world on fire like Andy Wood. With virtuosity in both rock and country guitar playing, Andy is the perfect guitar tutor to help you bridge the musical gap and guide you through the essentials of sounding authentically country. In this country guitar course you will not only learn the techniques and licks you need to excel, but Andy digs deep into the concepts and harmony typical of this guitar style.

Learn how to play:

Pedal Steel Bending, Essential Dominant Sounds, Double Stops, Alternate Picking - Country Style, Soloing Tips .... Plus more.

Go beyond just licks and learn the secrets to head turning phrasing and how to construct the perfect melodic guitar solo. Improvisation guru, Nick Jennison presents the key ingredients which make up modern blues, progressive rock and minor blues guitar phrasing; including note choice, resolution and nuance. All combined into study solos which will engage your ears as well as your fingers! Want to truly master your craft? Then take your contemporary guitar soloing to new plateaus with this in depth guitar course. Exclusive to Guitar Interactive Magazine.

In this course aimed at intermediate to advanced players, Phil debuts his track “Late Night Vibes.” a funk/rock-infused instrumental in a similar vein to the likes of Greg Howe and Richie Kotzen. Phil uses all manor of motifs, patterns and phrases combined with techniques such as Legato, Alternate Picking and Sweep Picking to mould his signature sound, and with the help of this course, he will show you how it’s done.

This superb course contains an exclusive backing track and a detailed PDF transcription, allowing you to experiment with the new ideas, licks and solos gained from one of the UK’s finest players.

World renowned modern fusion guitar virtuoso, Tom Quayle takes you on a fast track to improving your contemporary chord voicing and fusion inspired comping, in this comprehensive collection of guitar lessons from his exclusive Guitar Interactive columns. Gain a rare insight into how Tom constructs chords and his unique approach to outlining modes and harmony with scale chords.

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