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Tech Sessions


In a continuation of our special feature on the late, great Peter Green, Nick Jennison takes an in-depth look at the subtle guitar nuances of the blues-master in this issue's exclusive Gi Tech Session.

It's cliché, but where do you begin to start writing a tribute to Eddie Van Halen? The most impactful electric guitar player of the past 40 years—arguably filling even more column inches than even Hendrix. Eddie was a one of a kind, a master of his art, but more than that he was an innovator. Nick Jennison explores the incredible intricacies of Van Halen's elusive an in many ways incomparable guitar style.

Almost half a century on from the electric guitar icon’s passing, Nick Jennison explores the impact that Hendrix still has on the electric guitar today and breaks down some of the key factors that made his playing so influential and groundbreaking.


Just a bluesy melodic guitar player with a Strat? There's a lot more to David Gilmour's guitar playing style than meets the eye, as anyone who has tried to get close will have found out! In this special David Gilmour guitar lesson Tech Session, Jamie Humphries takes a look at the evolution of Gilmour’s guitar style, phrasing, soloing style & guitar techniques from Pink Floyd to his current solo material.


If ever there was a band that defined a genre it is Metallica; the act responsible for bringing “thrash to the masses.” In this Metallica style guitar lesson tech session, Jamie Humphries delivers an original metal guitar piece which serves as full breakdown & metal guitar tutorial of how to play in the legendary metal guitar styles of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett.

In this Tech Session, Nick Jennison looks at the immense guitar stylings of one of the most incredible guitar players to ever pick up the instrument: Dream Theater's John Petrucci.


Joe Bonamassa is the hottest thing to happen to Blues guitar in a long time. Danny Gill analyses Joe's style and shows you how to get to grips with his masterful blues lead guitar style, techniques and licks, in this Joe Bonamassa style blues guitar lesson.

With a career that has spanned 40 years and with over twenty albums to his name, Yngwie Malmsteen's influence on modern electric guitar playing is remarkable. By drawing influences from classical composers such as Bach, Paganini, and Vivaldi, and fusing it with contemporary stylings, he is a founding father of the neo-classical guitar genre. Nick Jennison explores the incredible techniques of YJM in this Yngwie Malmsteen style neo-classical shred guitar lesson.



With a unique and instantly recognisable voice, Brian May’s guitar style offers a world of guitar phrasing ideas and soloing approaches. Jamie Humphries, who has spent years working with both Brian May himself and on many Queen related shows and tours, offers an exclusive Brian May style guitar lesson and original guitar track inspired by some of Brian’s most memorable pieces, guitar techniques and style. If you've ever wondered how it is done - here's your chance to find out!


Always wanted to nail those Slash guitar licks, phrasing and soloing style? Jamie Humphries can show you how with this Slash style guitar lesson! In this Gi Tech Session we put The Man in the Hat under the microscope!

Continuing our exclusive features on this issue's cover artist, Steve Lukather, Sam Bell breaks down the unmistakable phrasing and killer technique of the man himself in this issue's Guitar Interactive Tech session.


As part of our tribute to the magical talent of the legendary Free guitarist, Michael Casswell delivers an exclusive Guitar Interactive Paul Kossoff guitar lesson Tech Session. If you've ever wondered how Koss did it - here's the perfect starting point for upping your classic rock and blues rock guitar playing!


Who doesn't want to play guitar like the astonishing Joe Satriani? GI's very own Tom Quayle leads you through a typical Joe Satriani-style guitar solo lesson, showing you how to nail that impeccable quality, legato technique, phrasing, licks & lines that have made Joe one of the world's most loved and admired guitarists.


GI's Sam Bell leads you through a triad lick filled, alternate picking marathon, exclusive Paul Gilbert style guitar lesson, presenting some of the stylistic guitar tricks, techniques and sheer pyrotechnics that make Paul Gilbert one of today's most admired guitar players.


In this Zakk Wylde style study guitar lesson Tech Session, Nick Jennison takes a closer look at the playing style and signature shred guitar techniques of our cover artist. From how to play that trademark wide aggressive vibrato to those Zakk Wylde style shred guitar alternate picking runs.


An Iron Maiden style guitar lesson masterclass from Jamie Humphries. Get up to speed on your classic metal guitar skills with this in depth Iron Maiden style guitar lesson. In the ever-growing genre of Heavy Metal, one band's popularity combined with immensely passionate fan loyalty is unrivalled, and that is Iron Maiden. Formed in East London in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, Maiden are hailed as pioneers on the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” along with other bands such as Def Leppard and Judas Priest.


This exclusive Angus Young style video guitar lesson Tech Session looks at the guitar style, signature licks and AC/DC typical classic rock guitar riffs & rhythm guitar of the master of pure Rock and Roll - AC/DC’s Angus Young. We wired Jamie Humphries up to the mains and let him rip....


In this Tony Iommi style guitar lesson Tech Session, Nick Jennison breaks down the ferocious metal guitar power and subtle nuances of Black Sabbath's riff lord.


With his unique fingerstyle, country guitar inspired style, guitar tone, and charismatic vocals, Mark Knopfler is without a doubt one of the best-loved British musicians to have emerged from the late 70s. In this Mark Knopfler style guitar lesson Tech Session, Jamie Humphries take's a look at how to achieve Mark Knoplfer’s unmistakable guitar playing style, techniques and sound.

This Carlos Santana style guitar lesson we look at the playing style, techniques, guitar phrasing approaches and classic guitar licks or one of the seminal figures in the instrumental guitar world since the 1960s. Carlos Santana has had a long and successful career. Celebrating his unique blend of Rock, Blues and Latin guitar styles, Jamie Humphries gives us a masterclass in how to get the unique Santana tone and feel.

In this issue's Guitar Interactive Tech Session, Jamie Humphries takes an in-depth look at the musical genius and virtuosic guitar stylings of Matt Bellamy of the mighty modern-day power trio Muse.


Jamie Humphries takes you through an exclusive Radiohead guitar lesson in this Guitar Interactive Tech Session; covering the guitar playing style of Ed O’Brien and Johnny Greenwood and delving deep into the beautifully disturbing guitar world of one of the UK’s most successful bands to emerge for the 90’s alternative rock scene.


Tom Petty's song writing and guitar style is the subject of this Tech Session guitar tutorial. Jamie Humphries pays tribute to one of rock's most respected artists plus the melodic blues rock soloing style and phrasing of lead guitarist Mike Campbell. With a career spanning four decades, his unique vocal style and chiming 12-string guitar riffs combined to form some of popular music's best-loved songs


In this Scott Henderson style guitar lesson tech session, I am proud to present to you a short fusion guitar piece that I have written in the style of Tribal Tech, I am nicknaming it ‘Scotts Boogie’. It features a theme and a solo containing a ton of Scott Henderson signature guitar techniques, phrasing, licks & modern fusion guitar lines to get stuck into.


Tom Quayle guides you through the fusion guitar style of one of the world's most respected guitarists in an exclusive GI Tech Session in this Larry Carlton style guitar lesson covering his jazz guitar crossover style phrasing, use of altered scales licks & lines as well as developing sophisticated, Larry Carlton style lead guitar motifs when soloing.


Jamie Humphries gets all indie with this Johnny Marr style rhythm guitar lesson and offers a brief insight into some of the classic rhythm guitar techniques and The Smiths style guitar riffs of the Manchester guitar legend …


Sam Bell delivers an in-depth analysis of the guitar playing style and modern metal guitar techniques that have made Mark Tremonti one of the world's most respected Rock guitarists. In this Mark Tremonti style guitar lesson tech session we shall be breaking down Tremonti’s surprising blues guitar phrasing, fast alternate picking runs and fluid legato guitar technique. Mark Tremonti’s influences are from a wide span of metal, classic Rock and Blues players. Some of the influences you can hear in his soloing are players such as Zakk Wylde, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rusty Cooley and various speed metal bands from the late 80’s/early 90’s.


In this Soundgarden style guitar tutorial Tech Session Jamie Humphries takes a detailed look at how to play some of the unorthodox and inventive approaches you can employ to copy the guitar playing style of Kim Thayil and Chris Cornell, creating the Grunge style guitar parts which made Soundgarden one of the most iconic hard rock bands to emerge from the 90’s Grunge scene.


Tosin Abasi is at the forefront of a revolution in contemporary guitar playing - the development of guitar technique and music for the eight string instrument. GI 'extended guitar' specialist and columnist Sam Bell presents this Tosin Abasi style study progressive metal guitar lesson. Percussive modern metal guitar riffs, 8 string sweep picking lines and odd time signature tapping; if you've ever wondered how it's done - here's the answer!

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