YouCaring Campaign for Blues Legend Walter Trout Reaches Target

Published 10 years ago on March 26, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

The campaign to help Blues guitar legend Walter Trout and his family pay for an urgent liver transplant has reached its desired target in just four days.

The YouCaring page was launched last week in order to raise $125,000 for Walter following the news that doctors had given him 90 days to live without a transplant.

In under a week the page has reached $133,000 and Walter's wife, Marie Trout, has thanked fans for their support. However she also warned that there are many more hurdles for Walter to overcome before he can undergo surgery.

She said (via Classic Rock Magazine):

Walter and I are speechless at how you have rallied around this cause. You have absolutely filled our hearts to the brim with your care and concern. The outpouring of love, concern and prayers is truly amazing.

As we are facing a long period of uncertainty your contributions are helping Walter relax.

He is very weak – he is tired all the time and he has all the symptoms of end-stage liver disease. The past two weeks have helped him regain his kidney function and almost cleared the infection that was throughout his body.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that, since he’s now doing better, he is no longer a top priority for immediate transplant. He still needs a transplant and they still figure it will be within the next 90 days, but because his vital functions have normalised he is further down the list.

He is now medically stable, and doctors have determined that the safest place for Walter to be is at home, with 24/7 care. So he will be coming home to me some time next week to wait for a liver there.

She goes on to state that she understands the “fair commune system” that’s led to his medical situation, but adds:

Emotionally it is hard. Basically the message is, ‘Yes, you need a a new liver – but until your other organs shut down you cannot receive priority.’ It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do when it comes to these precious organ donations – all who are on the liver transplantation list are equal: The sickest gets priority.”

Marie continues:

Many of you have asked if there is something we can do to speed up the process. Really, there isn’t. There are no experimental programmes, and a living donor option is not possible.

The gift of life in the form of a donated liver will be afforded to Walter from somebody who is going to die, typically a violent and sudden death. This process is tender, difficult, and it will be life-saving, even as death comes to the donor.”

 I love Walter so much. He gives my world colours. He is the most alive and vibrant person I know. This community we are creating here will sustain his faith, help him have peace of mind and enforce his willingness to persevere.

Hang in there with us – it offers us much relief to know we stand shoulder to shoulder with you all. Let’s keep the positive energy going. We are long-distance runners, and we all run this race with Walter.”

Trout’s YouCaring page will continue to accept donations a further 45 days.


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