The New Eptiome Multi-Effect From Electro-Harmonix

Published 10 years ago on March 14, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

PRESS RELEASE - EHX is pushing theboundaries of multi-effects with the new Epitome that deliversthree of the most popular effects from three of their best sellingproducts, in one compact pedal. The polyphonic Micro POG providesoctaves above and below an instrument's pitch. The Stereo ElectricMistress adds EHX's signature flanging and chorus, while the HolyGrail Plus lets the user choose from a selection of high qualityreverbs.



Though designed to work together, the effects in theEpitome can also be used independently with individual footswitchesfor each. Dedicated, straight forward controls for all parametersmean there is no need to scroll through setting menus.

The Micro POG, which is first in the effects chain,features controls for Dry, Octave Up and Sub Octave. A Rate knob inthe Stereo Electric Mistress section controls the master modulationspeed while the Flanger and Chorus knobs control the depth of thoseeffects. An LED pulsates to visually represent the Rate.

Epitome RGB

The Holy Grail Plus ends the chain and providesSpring, Hall or Room reverb, as well Flerb (flanging plus reverb),selectable with a four-position switch. Blend controls the mix ofdry and wet signal. The Amount control affects different parametersdepending on the reverb type chosen. With Hall and Spring itcontrols reverb time and in the Room setting it controls damping.When Flerb is selected Amount controls the modulation rate. TheShimmer pushbutton re-routes the effects so that the StereoElectric Mistress is at the end of the chain and the Holy GrailPlus only affects the Micro POG's octaves. Shimmer also transformsthe Grail into a digital delay with the POG in its feedback pathwhen the Flerb mode is selected. In that mode, the Amount knobcontrols delay time.

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