TC Electronic Introduces Spark Booster guitar pedal | Guitar Interactive Magazine

Published 12 years ago on March 22, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Spark Booster features 26 dB of boost, making it the perfecttool for enhancing existing sounds and highlighting solo or rhythmparts. For guitarists who are looking for tonal options, an activeEQ consisting of a Bass and Treble knob provides precise tonalshaping, as well as extended lows and added top-end sparkle. A Gainknob allows for the addition of sweet saturation and compression,and a Mid-boost switch adds loads of mix-cutting clarity to sounds.Spark Booster is also true bypass to ensure maximum tonalintegrity. With this balanced set of features, Spark Booster simplyadds 'that certain something' without any unwanted tonal shaping.Spark Booster injects punch, body and warmth into pickups, drivesamps to peak performance and adds life, grit and tone to guitarset-ups.

"Spark Booster is the epitome of what we tried to contribute tothe guitar community with drive sounds," says TC Electronic's ToreMogensen, Product Manager for guitar, and continues: "After DarkMatter Distortion, Röttweiler Distortion and MojoMojo Overdrivewere met with runaway success, we really wanted to round out ourefforts in compact drive-effects with a bang. We are an innovativecompany and hate looking back, but there was no denying that theclassic TC Electronic Booster + Line Driver & Distortion wouldhave to be a source of inspiration. From seasoned pros like ScottIan and Allan Holdsworth to dedicated hobbyists, there are just somany guitarists out there who absolutely love that pedal, but cravemodern features and sounds. And so we decided to not go for simplya reissue or something like it, but more of a modern take on whatmade the Booster + Line Driver & Distortion so special. Thatresult is Spark Booster, and I simply could not be more proud ofwhat we've achieved."

Spark Booster Main Features

• 26 dB of boost.

• Level knob - drive amps even harder.
• Place after existing distortion/overdrive to enhance drivesounds.
• Add grit, life and compression to your tone.
• Add body, punch and warmth to pickups.
• Mid-boost - cut through any mix.
• Active EQ - extended low and high end.
• True bypass - optimal signal integrity.


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