Select Series Jazz Bass Upgrade Doubles Your Pickup Tones

Published 9 years ago on July 25, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Select Series Jazz Bass Upgrade Doubles Your PickupTones -

Just released - A new upgrade for all right-hand or left-hand2-pickup Select Series Jazz Bass instruments that contains AweSomeMusical Instruments Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product. This drop-inproduct instantly gives you 100 percent more pickup tones on yourinstrument to let you find your elusive Signature Sound.

This upgrade is a completely wired black acrylic Jazz BassControl Plate with a stacked volume/tone control and includes theirT2-Switch.  This upgrade is for a standard Select Series JazzBass (or equivalent) body. You just connect your pickup wires tothe terminal strip and "drop it in" with no soldering needed.

Installing this product elevates your Select Series Jazz Bass toan entirely new level to let you emulate a huge number ofwell-known, famous bass sounds. It also reduces the need to changeinstruments for a particular sound or style. By Swapping pickups,you can change the tone "palette" and hone in on your uniquesound.

AweSome Musical Instruments is company based in the Detroit, MIsuburb. They have a growing family of revolutionary patented PickupSwitch UpgradeTM products. These products are proudly made in theU.S.A. and are designed to give you more Pure Analog pickup tonesthan anything.

"We are known for creating several dozen of the best pickuptones in the world. You could be known for using them."



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