Radial Engineering Introduces the StageDirect Direct Box

Published 8 years ago on June 25, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Radial Engineering Introduces the StageDirect DirectBox -

Radial Engineering introduces the StageDirect, a unique DI withadded features such as the ability to mute the signal using afootswitch. 

(press release)

Radial Engineering Ltd is pleased to announcethe StageDirect - a unique direct box that combines all of thestandard features one would find in a DI with the added convenienceof being able to mute the signal using a footswitch for silenton-stage tuning or to quietly switch instruments without having toturn down the PA system or put the stage amp on standby.

According to Radial's Eastern Regional Sales Manager PhilCoelho:

"As a gigging bassist, I was immediately struck with theStageDirect and how I could see it solving a number of problems onstage. The obvious one is being able to quietly tune without havingyour signal feed into the PA system. As an audience member, hearingthe band tune up can be really annoying. But for me, the realbiggie is being able to switch from my 4 string passive bass to my5 string active without having to put my amp on standby andfrantically wave to the FOH engineer to let him know I am about toswitch basses. All too often, he forgets to turn me down and thenyou get a huge pop in the PA. The StageDirect solves the problem asit gives me the freedom to decide when I want to changeinstruments."

As with all Radial direct boxes, the StageDirect is made from 14gauge steel and finished in baked enamel for maximum durability.Connections include a ¼" input for the instrument, a ¼" output forthe stage amp, and a standard XLR male output to feed the PAsystem. A separately buffered ¼" tuner output is always on. Whenthe footswitch is depressed all of the outputs other than the tunerare muted to enable quiet on-stage tuning. The mute feature alsomakes it easy to switch instruments on stage without having to turndown the PA channel or set the stage amp on standby in order toavoid loud popping in the audio system.

Top panel switches include a -15dB pad to handle extra highoutput instruments like an active bass, a high-pass filter toeliminate excessive bass and resonance, and a 180° polarity reverseto help tame acoustic hot spots on stage that can causefeedback.

These features combine to make the StageDirect the perfect stagehand for busy musicians who want to be in control of their sound atall times.

The StageDirect begins shipping in June 2013 and will retail for$250 USD.

Find out more at RadialEngineering 






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