PRS Offer Personalized Custom Amp Designs

Published 11 years ago on June 14, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

PRS Custom Amp Designs (CAD) is your opportunity to explorenearly limitless, personalized amplifier options. Since theinception of the program, PRS Amp Designer Doug Sewell and PaulReed Smith have worked shoulder-to-shoulder to provide the mostpersonalized amps ever offered by PRS. Through CAD, amplifiers canbe built with specialized colors, speakers and components and caneven bring discontinued models back to life.

There are two ways customers can approach the program. Oneoption is to order one of the notable CAD models that PRS hascreated (largely generated from artist requests and conversations).These include the HXDA, MDT, and Blistertone to name a few.Alternatively, if you have a musical or tonal idea, a dreamcombination of features, or a desired cosmetic upgrade for anexisting model, you can order that as well. "You don't have to handus a schematic-just ideas," says Doug Sewell. "You want a halfpower switch on a '30'? No problem. If you want a triode switch ona '30,' well I've heard too many ghost notes in that, so I'd steeryou in another direction that meets your needs better." No matterwhich path you take, Doug, Paul, and the PRS amp team will workwith you through our CAD dealer network to create one-of-a-kindpieces based on any current or previous model.

What is CAD's ultimate goal? According to Paul Reed Smith, "Inthe end, it's about making a magic piece of gear-something asmusical as possible. Whether you're onstage or in the studio, youhave an amp that you can use and that you love."

Customers are encouraged to contact an authorized CAD dealer fordetails on how to get started.

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