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Published 8 years ago on January 24, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Jackson Guitars have gone all out and announced aneye catching new collection of guitars designed forspeed. 

PRESS RELEASE - Jackson is thrilledto unveil a collection of 20 new models charged with new featuresdesigned for speed and killer looks. The 2013 lineup includesartist signature, Pro Series, Dinky and JS Seriesmodels. Each product along with its most distinctive features islisted below:




Chris Broderick Pro Series Soloist6and7

When Chris Broderick joined a revitalized Megadeth in2008, fans were awestruck by his chops. Jackson now honors thismetal stalwart with theChris Broderick Pro Series Soloist,insix-string and seven-string models.

Jackson Pro Chris Broderick Signature Soloist 7


Both models boast an arch-top mahogany body andthrough-body maple neck, 12"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 24jumbo frets, 25.5" scale length, stylish fingerboard and headstockbinding, direct-mount DiMarzio® Chris Brodericksignature pickups, Floyd Rose® Special tremolo (Specialseven-string tremolo on seven-string model), Jackson die-casttuners and Dunlop® locking strap buttons. Available inSatin Black and Snow White.


Corey Beaulieu USA Signature KV6andKV7

Trivium's Corey Beaulieu is a true virtuoso and needsa guitar to keep up with his blindingly fast hands. That's whyJackson is excited to honor him and Trivium fans alike withtheCorey Beaulieu USA Signature KV, insix-string and seven-stringmodels.


Both models feature an alder body (AAA flame top ontrans finish model), bound through-body quartersawn maple neck,compound-radius, ebony fingerboard with old-school sharkfin inlays,covered Seymour Duncan® Blackout pickups with three-waytoggle switching, single volume control, original Floyd Rosetremolo (seven-string tremolo on seven-string model), and Jacksontuners. Available in Gloss Black, Transparent Black and TransparentRed. Includes case.


Dave Ellefson Signature Kelly Bird Bass

Megadeth's Dave Ellefson is expanding his arsenal ofsignature bass models with the addition of the new David EllefsonSignature Kelly Bird Bass. The four-string bass features a basswoodbody with Ellefson's signature red pinstripe finish, bolt-on boundmaple neck with 21 jumbo frets and block inlays, EMG®pickups, two volume controls and three-band active EQ, Jacksonhigh-mass four-string HM-4 bridge, and Jackson die-cast tuners.Available in Red Burst with Black Center-Stripe.




Jackson's 2013 Pro Series welcomes a collection ofnew models equipped for full-on assault. 


The models along with their most distinctive featuresare listed below:


Pro DKA Dinky 7and8 

The limited edition Pro DKADinky, available inseven-string and eight-string models,features an arch-top alderbody, bolt-on maple neck (flat-sawn) with graphite reinforcement,16"-radius maple fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets and offsetposition markers (12th-fret shark fin inlay oneight-string model), stylish fingerboard and headstock binding,26.5" scale length, dual direct-mount DiMarzio D Activator7 pickups (8in eight-string model) withfive-way switching, single volume and tone controls, momentary killswitch (for stutter effects), recessed Jackson HT-7 seven-stringhard-tail string-through bridge (HT-8 in eight-string model),Planet Waves® locking tuners andDunloplocking strap pins.Pro DKA7 available in SatinWhite;Pro DKA8 available in Metallic Black.

Jackson Pro Dinky DK2HT



TheDK2HT Pro Seriesfeatures an alder body, boundbolt-on neck (flat sawn) with graphite reinforcement,compound-radius rosewood fingerboard (mapleinPro DK2MHTandProDK2MQHT) with 24 jumbo frets, direct-mount Seymour Duncan JB(bridge) and '59 (neck) humbucking pickups with five-way switching,single volume tone controls, stylish headstock binding,direct-mount Jackson HT-6 hard-tail string-through bridge, lockingJackson tuners and Dunlop locking strap pins. TheDK2QHTandDK2MQHTPro Seriesoffer the same specifications, with the additionalfeature of a striking1/8 4A quilt maple cap. TheDK2HTis availablein Metallic Black;DK2MHTin Metallic Purple and Blue Glow;theDK2QHTin Natural and Transparent Red; and theDK2MQHTin ChlorineBurst and Transparent Red.

Jackson Pro Dinky DK2QHT 





USA Select B7MG, USA Select B7MG Deluxe, USA SelectB8MG,andUSA Select B8MG Deluxe


Theseven-string B7MG features a beveled alder body,bolt-on quartersawn maple neck with graphite reinforcement and oilfinish, compound-radius ebony fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets andside-dot position markers, 27" scale length, direct-mountEMG® 707 (neck) and 81-7 (bridge) pickups, Jacksondirect-mount HT-7 hard-tail string-through bridge, Jackson-brandedGotoh® tuners and Dunlop locking strap pins. TheUSASelect B7MG Deluxe offers the same specifications as the B7MG, butwith a 1-piece neck-thru-body quartersawn maple neck with graphitereinforcement and scarf joint. Both models available in WalnutStain, Au Natural, Satin Black, and Satin Grey. Models includecase. 

 Jackson USA Select B7MG Deluxe

The eight-string USA Select B8MG features a beveledalder body, bolt-on quartersawn maple neck with graphitereinforcement, compound-radius ebony fingerboard with 24 jumbofrets and side-dot position markers, 27" scale length, direct-mountEMG® 808 pickups, Jackson direct-mount HT-8 hard-tailstring-through bridge, Jackson-branded Gotoh tuners and Dunloplocking strap pins. TheUSA Select B8MG Deluxe offers the samespecifications as the B8MG, but with a 1-piece neck-thru-bodyquartersawn maple neck with graphite reinforcement and scarf joint.Both models available in Walnut Stain, Au Natural, Satin Black, andSatin Grey. Models include case.

 Jackson USA Select B8 Deluxe



JS22-7 DKA Dinky, JS32-7Q Dinky, JS32-8Q Dinky, JS3QMConcert Bass, andJS3VQM Concert Bass


TheJS22-7 DKA DinkyJS Series seven-string features anarch-top basswood body, bolt-on maple neck, 16"-radius rosewoodfingerboard with 24 jumbo frets and "piranha" inlays, 26.5" scalelength, dual high-output Jackson humbucking pickups, single volumeand tone controls, direct-mount hard-tail bridge, and die-casttuners. Available in Satin Black.

 Jackson JS22 7

TheJS32-7Q DinkyJS Series seven-string, alsoavailable with eight strings as theJS32-8QDinky, features anarch-top basswood body with a dazzling quilt maple top, bolt-onmaple neck, 16"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets andpiranha inlays, 26.5" scale length, stylish fingerboard andheadstock binding, dual high-output Jackson seven-string humbuckingpickups (eight-string on JS32-8Q Dinky), single volume and tonecontrols, direct-mount Jackson HT-7 (HT-8 on JS32-8Q Dinky)hard-tail bridge, and die-cast tuners.JS32-7Q Dinkyavailable inNatural;JS32-8QDinkyavailable in Transparent Red.

 Jackson JS32 7 QM

The four-stringJS3QM Concert BassandJS3VQM ConcertBassfeature a basswood body with a quilt maple top, super-stablebolt-on maple neck with 24-fret compound-radius rosewoodfingerboard, stylish fingerboard and headstock binding, 34" scalelength (35" on the JS3VQM), dual high-output Jackson pickups, twovolume controls and three-band active EQ (mid/low/high), high-massfour-string Jackson bridge (five-string on the JS3VQM), anddie-cast mini tuners.JS3QMavailable in Transparent Red andTransparent Blue;JS3VQMavailable in Transparent Amber andTransparent Black. 


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