Metal Distortion Adds Attitude to NEXI Industries' Effect Pedal Lineup

Published 7 years ago on May 31, 2017

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): True bypass and true metal, NEXI Industries' new Metal Distortion (MTD-01) electric guitar effect pedal has the aggression and heavy tone players need for the right amount of attitude on their pedal board. Metal Distortion comes fully loaded and enables players to simply plug 'n play'”'n preach to the choir of head bangers.

Metal distortion has been used by the hardest rocking acts of the 70s and 80s, but it's currently used in today's industrial metal. Whether the player is trying to channel the tones of yesteryear or looking to shred up a modern mix, NEXI's Metal Distortion achieves the desired effect with three standard knobs on the lighted-rim interface: Distortion, Tone, and Volume. Dial up Distortion to increase compression on the signal, making it grittier and harsher'”or dial it down to make it cleaner. Adjust the brightness or darkness with Tone, and determine how much distortion is heard in the mix with Volume.

Like all NEXI pedals, Metal Distortion was designed by boutique effect pedal creators, the self-declared 'Vintage Analog Protection Squad,'


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