Make Room for Tverb; The Ultra-Customizable Plug-In Now on Sale

Published 4 years ago on November 10, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

Developed with acclaimed producer, musician, and engineer Tony Visconti, Tverb provides an extremely customizable room reverb with some special techniques and features. Within this virtual room - modeled on the legendary reverb space at Berlin’s Hansa Studios - the user can mix three virtual channels - one main mic with subtle ambience, and two more mics capturing the lush room reverb.

With analog-modeled compression on the main channel and gating on the reverb channels, Tverb is a versatile tool for material with wide dynamic range - all based on the original setup, designed for capturing David Bowie’s vocals and reverb while recording “Heroes”. The mic positions are fully automatable - make them dance around the room in real time (impossible with a real room)!

“Little did I know that setting up three microphones in a very specific configuration 40 years ago would result in such a versatile plug-in for the new age of recording. Eventide’s Tverb is the result of a two-year collaboration between Eventide and me. This is not a one-trick-pony just to get the David Bowie ‘Heroes’ vocal effect.” — Tony Visconti

Tverb features:

  • Two movable microphones to adjust depth of field and panorama for room reflections
  • Eventide’s complex reverb algorithm with EQ, diffusion, and decay control
  • Console with analog-modeled compressor and and gate modules for shaping dynamics
  • Room mixer module alters the sound of the room itself with control over decay, diffusion, and frequency response
  • Low CPU load - put Tverb on multiple tracks!
  • Complete automation support



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