Lightning Boy Audio Introduces The Lightning Boy Tube Drive Pedal

Published 8 years ago on February 14, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Lightning Boy Audio has added another addition to it's everygrowing line of FX with the announcement of the Lightning Boy TubeDrive Pedal.

PRESS RELEASE - Lightning Boy Audiorecently announced the latest addition to its pedal FX line, theLightning Boy tube drive pedal. This FX pedal is our no-compromiseapproach to an entry level tube overdrive based on our popular SoulDrive pedal. We kept the cost down with a very simple plain metalbox, but we didn't skimp one bit on the components.  The pedalfeatures a genuine NOS 12AU7 tube enclosed inside of the pedal andlike all of our high end pedals, the Lightning Boy is made with NOSpaper in oil capacitors for unparalleled tone. To simplify thecircuitry and keep this pedal affordable, the gain is preset at100% and the tone control is dialed right in the sweet spot of theSoul Drive settings. There are no user adjustments other than avolume knob and true bypass footswitch. Gain is adjusted by thevolume control on the instrument. The Lightning Boy is hand wiredpoint to point in East Collins, New York USA with silver platedTeflon wire and silver solder.


Pricing and availability

The Lightning Boy is available for $99.99 (US)exclusively through the Lightning Boy Audio online store (). If youpre-order before the February 21st release date, youhave the option of a limited run of 50 Lightning Boy Tube Driveswith a hand painted logo.

LBA has long been recognized for its outstandingrecording studio equipment and equipment modifications. Theyreleased the popular Soul Drive tube drive pedal earlier this year.Every LBA pedal is hand wired point to point just like a boutiqueamplifier, and feature hand-made paper in oil capacitors, NOScapacitors, and NOS tubes to provide exceptional audio quality forthe most discerning musicians and audio professionals. 

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