Lace Releases New 'Finger Burners' Humbucker Pickups

Published 10 years ago on September 9, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Lace Releases New 'Finger Burners' Humbucker Pickups -

Lace Music Products® has been doing pickup design and sales for over 35 years. Famous for it's Lace Sensor® line, Holy Grail™ line and Alumitone family of pickups. Models range from single coils, humbuckers, bass and acoustic. Lace® continues to be one of the most leading edge pickup companies in the world.

Most of the world best players have used Lace® pickups at one time or another. All designs are patented and passive (battery free) in design.

Lace Music Products® formally releases another new edition of metal inspired humbuckers for 2013, the "Finger Burners"™. These new humbuckers for both neck and bridge position run the sonic gauntlet from metal, hard rock, classic rock and punk.

Finger Burners™, are loud and specific with an old school grit, and endless low end punch. With always a punchy, clean top end, the Finger Burners™ are passive in allowing top end in either full dual coil mode or in single ultra quiet single mode.

Designed for maximum output and dynamic range Finger Burners™ offer the player increased harmonic content with dynamic articulation.

These ultra quiet passive pickups are equipped with a magnetic blend of Ceramic 8 magnets and Barium Ferrite magnets. Finger Burners™ require no batteries or active electronics for their high output tone footprint.

Tech Specs:


Resistance; 9.5,
Peak Frequency; 2910 Hz,
Inductance 4.6 henries


Resistance 11.3,
Peak Frequency; 2540 Hz,
Inductance 5.2 henries

Suggested Retail:

Neck Sku# 11573 £119.99
Bridge Sku# 11574 £119.99
2 pc Set Sku# 11572 £199.99

Find out more at Lace Music Products



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