La Bella Strings Introduces 760T White Nylon Tape Wound Bass Set

Published 8 years ago on January 16, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

La Bella Strings Introduces 760T White Nylon Tape WoundBass Set -

As the innovators of the Black Nylon Tape Wound bass set,La Bella introduces the 760TWhite Nylon Tape Wound set. Unlike the classic 760N set, the 760TWhite Nylon Tape Wound set is made with a transparent nylon wrappedover stainless steel underlays. The result is a brighter sound andeven smoother finish, allowing players to effortlessly glide fromnote to note. The 760T set is extremely versatile and can be usedfor electric, fretless and acoustic basses.                                             
Additionally, La Bella is proud to expand its extremely popularNylon Tape Wound bass series to include a Light gauge offering:.050 .065 .085 .105.  Both the Black Nylon Tape Wound andWhite Nylon Tape Wound will be available in the new lightgauge.

750T White Nylon TapeWound                    

Light, 4-String, .050 .065 .085.105           

750N Black Nylon Tape Wound 

Light, 4-String, .050 .065 .085 .105  

760T White Nylon Tape Wound

Standard, 4-String .060 .070 .094 .115

All Standard Black & White Nylon Tape Wound bass sets areavailable in 5-String (.060 .070 .094 .115 .135) & 6-String(.043 .060 .070 .094 .115 .135) models.

 Additionally, all Light Black & White Nylon Tape Woundbass sets are available in 5-String (.050 .065 .085 .085 .135)& 6-String (.043 .050 .065 .085 .085 .135) models.

As with all La Bella bass sets, all black and white nylon tapewound sets are Standard Long Scale, and available in Short, Mediumand Extra Long scales.

To purchase a set, please contact a La Bella dealer nearyou: 

La Bella Strings



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