Kirk Hammett to Feature on New Exodus Track

Published 7 years ago on July 28, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Metallica's Kirk Hammett will feature on a new Exodus track set to feature on upcoming album, "Blood In, Blood Out".

Hammet, who will perform a guitar solo for the song "Salt in Wound", formed Exodus with vocalist Paul Baloff, guitarist Gary Holt, bassist Geoff Andrews and drummer Tom Hunting in 1980.

According to Rolling Stone, Hammett said, “I play a guitar solo on the new Exodus album. It felt really casual, really cool — just like it did back in 1980 when we were all just hanging out back in the day. Me, recording a solo on their album was a huge thing for me. Other than the Exodus demo that’s been heard by a lot of people, it’s the only time I ever recorded with Exodus. It was a huge thing.”

Speaking about the song, he added, “[It has a] super heavy [riff]. I play a pretty cool solo and then Gary [Holt] comes in and plays another solo, and you know what? I listened to that and thought, ‘Wow, it’s 1982 all over again and here we are, Gary and I are trying to cut each other’s heads off with our guitar solos.’ Nothing has changed much in the last 30 years. I love it. I love those guys. I’ve only known them for most of my life, so I’m really happy that I finally got to record with them.”

Last year Hammett invited Exodus to perform at his inaugural Fear FestEvil bash back in February before then joining them onstage to perform Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" and "Piranha."


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