JamUp Pro XT 2.4 Adds Signature Models From Keith Merrow, Jeff Loomis & Ola Englund

Published 10 years ago on June 10, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Positive Grid, the developers of JamUp Pro XT for iOS, has announced a major update to its rockin’ Guitar/Bass iPad and iPhone Amp-Effect Processor.

JamUp Pro XT 2.4 features the 12 Metal Signature Model Pack—a collaboration with three metal masters: guitarists Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Ola Englund (Six Feet Under, Feared) and Keith Merrow—all are certified and carefully developed by both the artists and Positive Grid exclusively for JamUp Pro XT 2.4. Now you can rock Jeff, Ola and Keith’s six signature amp models and six signature guitar pedals—from ultra clean to trash metal; delay, chorus, four-band parametric EQ to distortion and overdrive—right in JamUp! Also included is a collection of their guitar tone preset settings, provided as starting points for your own tone-tweaking or playing along.

I’m really excited about the signature amp models they’ve made for me,” Merrow boasts. “When I travel, I always bring my guitar and my iPad loaded with JamUp. You never know when inspiration may strike! They sound crushing! With their addition, the JamUp app just keeps getting better and better!”

The addition of the Ola ‘War & Peace’ amps on the new JamUp Pro XT 2.4 are closest to the real deal and definitely the only amp sounds you’ll ever need!” adds Englund. “With complete control over the style of gain on the ‘War’ amp, you have the most versatile amp sounds out there, and the ‘Peace’ amp is what I would define as the cleanest of the clean amps. Together, these are a deadly combo on the battlefield!”

The array of amps and pedal sounds that I use both live and in the studio now available in this app will definitely suit the metal musician or any guitar player who is looking for a quick guitar sound to dial in, be it on the road or in the studio,” says Loomis. “The tones are killer!”

In addition to the signature pack offerings, JamUp 2.4 also packs a host of extra onboard bells & whistles, adding new tackle to your mobile toolbox. Plus, the new update now offers the world’s the first and only in-app ToneSharing platform, allowing you to explore, share and download over 5,000 artists and users presets with our growing JamUp community. Here are a few of its standout features:

• Bass Pack II: JamUp adds extra juice to fuel your bass engine with all-new historic bass amp models and effects. Includes four new legendary bass amp models and two highly sought-after bass pedals based on Acoustic® 360, Orange® AD-200, Gallien-Krueger® 700RB II, Fender® Super Bassman, EBS® OctaBass and HPF Pro.

• ToneSharing: JamUp offers the world’s the first and only in-app ToneSharing platform. The brand new re-designed interface allows you to browse thousand of presets by simply looking at their effects chains and amp settings. With the power of our fast-growing JamUp tone community, now you can explore, like, comment, share and download over 5,000 artists and users presets.

JamUp Pro XT 2.4 Adds Signature Amp Sounds From Metal Masters • 2

• Live View: Assigning your custom amp setups and effects chains in JamUp is easy and immediate. And now, JamUp adds convenient and elegant “Live View” displays—a fully assignable control interface with an ultra-clear format that gigging guitarists will appreciate, turning JamUp into a truly live friendly multi-effect system.

• Pitch Shifter: JamUp adds a real-time pitch shifter and harmony effect, simply controlled by your expression pedal. Using any StompBox or MIDI footswtich, you can turn your JamUp into a real whammy pedal.

• Increased Preset Slots: Store up to 128 presets for all your favorite sounds at the touch of a button!

 New JamUp - Guitar and Bass Multi-Effects App


JamUp Pro XT retails for $19.99 and is available for download at the iTunes App Store. Metal Signature Pack ($9.99) and Bass Expansion Pack II ($9.99) are available as in-app purcha


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