Hutchinson Guitar Concepts Unveil The Viking V

Published 8 years ago on March 8, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

After last years'success with three unique guitars designed and modified for JamesHetfield of Metallica, Hutchinson Guitar Concepts summons up Norsemythology for the latest concept: the Viking V.

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PRESS RELEASE-- After last years success with three uniqueguitars designed and modified for James Hetfield of Metallica,Hutchinson Guitar Concepts summons up Norse mythology for thelatest concept: the Viking V.

According to myth, Fenrir is a monstrous wolf who propheciesforetell as being destined to harm the gods. The gods preparedthree fetters to restrain Fenrir. The first two: Leyding and Dromiwere great iron fetters but could not bind Fenrir. The third wasGleipnir constructed by dwarfs from six mythical ingredients andwhile it appeared like silken ribbon it fully bound the mighty wolfand the gods fastened it to a great stone slab called Gjöll andanchored it in the ground by a rock.

This restrained Fenir until Ragnarok when it is written allbonds will break and the Fenrisúlfr (Fenris wolf) shall devour thegod Odin whole.

This amazing guitar is based on a Gibson Flying V and has beencarved and crafted to look like a mighty iron Viking weapon ofdoom. It features the god Odin being devoured by Fenrir in atraditional anamorphic Celtic knotwork style. Hand wound pickups, aSchaller roller bridge and a custom V tailpiece specially cast forthis guitar combine to produce a very unique instrument.

More designs are available through the Hutchinson GuitarConcepts website, which features a portfolio of finishedinstruments that exert design inspiration from themes as diverse asSteampunk, Natural Disasters, and Chinese dynasties.

Hutchinson's Viking V, Cybertech, and Bronze Top guitars arejust a few examples of what can be achieved through intricate woodcarving, masterful finishing and state of the art electronics.Hundreds of hours of work go into every fine detail, ensuring thateach Tibetan symbol is perfectly engraved, and each ripple ofmolten lava oozes and glows with incredible LED lighting effects.Every guitar featured in Hutchinson's portfolio is available as atheme to order for your own guitar.

Hutchinson Guitar Concepts accept requests for new customconcepts and designs, offering extensive modifications to existingguitars, or complete concept instruments built to the higheststandard. If you've ever wanted a guitar built to embody yourfavourite place, time, movie, game, fashion, genre or style, lookno further than Hutchinson Guitar Concepts! Quotations can beprovided via the website contact form.

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