HardWire HT6 FastTuneTuner App Turns iPod/Phone/Pad Into a Polyphonic Tuner

Published 11 years ago on August 24, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

HardWire HT6 FastTuneTuner App Turns an iPod®, iPhone® or iPad®Into a Polyphonic Tuner


HARMAN's HardWire™ today announced the introduction of its HT6FastTune Tuner app for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The HT6 FastTune appenables those devices to function as a polyphonic tuner, lettingguitar and bass players tune all their strings at once.

The HT6 FastTune Tuner app is based on the popular HardWire HT-6Polyphonic Tuner floor pedal, which makes tuning instruments fasterand easier by allowing the musician to simply strum all the stringsat once, and view the display to see which strings are in or out oftune. The app works using the iPod, iPhone or iPad mic input, andit can also operate by plugging an instrument into the device'sheadphone input or 30-pin connection.  The FastTune app can beused with a guitar or four, five or six string bass.

The HT6 FastTune Tuner app provides an immediate visualindication of which strings are in tune, sharp or flat, and itsdisplay can be set to either polyphonic mode, or chromatic tuningmode if desired. The app offers automatic capo detection - itsenses if a guitarist has a capo on the neck and adjusts thedisplay to tune to the correct chord. Adding to its appeal, the appoffers a Drop-D tuning mode for users of this popular alternatesetting.

"The HardWire HT6 FastTune Tuner app is the most advanced guitarand bass tuning app available for any mobile device," noted RobUrry, vice president and GM, Harman Signal Processing. "It makesthe same industry-leading chord recognition technology found in ourHT-6 Polyphonic Tuner pedal available to any iOS device, forsuper-fast, accurate, on-the-go tuning."

The HardWire HT6 FastTune app for iOS will be available inFebruary 2012 from the iTunes Store® at a suggestedretail price of $4.99.


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