Furch Guitars Launches a Unique Guitar Configurator

Published 5 years ago on March 20, 2019

By Jonathan Graham

Furch Guitars (Furch), one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium quality guitars, has launched a unique online custom guitar configurator. Guitar connoisseurs from the world over can use the new feature to configure their dream guitar easily from the convenience of their home.

Last year, Furch introduced their new Rainbow series, a new line of acoustic guitars which can be customized using as many as 160 features that players can combine to meet their specific needs and preferences. Until now, the guitars had to be designed and the orders placed using a catalog and list of options. Starting today, the most discerning guitar players can use a much more simple way – Furch's new Rainbow Series online guitar configurator will guide you through the process of choosing the features of your dream custom instrument. In addition, the configurator will simplify subsequent communication with your dealer of choice.

A custom guitar only a few mouse clicks away

The configurator is very intuitive. The ordering process starts with choosing the right- or left-handed option, the number of strings, and the body shape. The next six steps allow the selecting of such features as materials, appointments, inlays, finish, tuners, and accessories. In the last step, the selected features are displayed in a final overview together with a unique numeric code. The specifications can be either downloaded and printed out, or sent to a dealer of the user's choice who will contact the buyer and subsequently arrange the manufacture of the guitar.

"Over the years, interest in custom models has continued to grow. We expect that the trend will continue in the upcoming years. In response, we've decided to meet the needs of players who wish to obtain a truly unique custom instrument. Last year in the spring, we introduced the Rainbow series, and now we're launching the new configurator. Creating your own custom guitar has never been easier," explains Furch Guitars CEO Petr Furch.

In addition to being used to place an order; the unique codes assigned to each Rainbow series guitar serve other purposes. The configurator page contains a gallery of selected previously made Rainbow series guitars. Their unique codes can be entered to display a list of their custom features, which can be modified to create a new instrument without having to complete the entire configuration process.

The configurator is available on the web page at



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