Andy James teaches 10 ground breaking fast pentatonic shred guitar licks in this metal guitar soloing lesson aimed at helping you create long fast guitar lines in your metal guitar solos.

In this percussive acoustic guitar techniques lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to emulate drums and drum patterns on your acoustic guitar body.

Sam Bell continues our series of 7 string metal guitar lessons, stepping into the world of extended range guitars. Brought you by Cort Guitars.

Nick Jennison steps into the world of extended range guitars with this exclusive 7 string guitar lesson on interesting and unusual chord voicings for the instrument. Brought you by Cort Guitars.

Get started with slide guitar playing in this beginners guide to slide guitar with Nick Jennison.

Learn how to play this amazing fingerstyle guitar arrangement of Englishman In New York by Sting in this acoustic guitar lesson with Giorgio Serci.

In this rhythm guitar lesson, Sam Bell shows you how to create space within your guitar parts with modern guitar chord voicings including sus chords and add9.

Take this fingerstyle guitar lesson and learn how to play the beautiful solo classical guitar piece Lullaby by Giorgio Serci.

Giorgio Serci teaches you how to play The Beatles classic Yesterday as a full fingerstyle acoustic guitar arrangement in this classical guitar lesson.

Learn how to play the fundamentals of chordal tapping guitar techniques with this great guitar study piece and rhythm guitar lesson from Sam Bell.

Giorgio Serci teaches you how to play The Lonely Man for classical guitar; made famous by the soundtrack of The Incredible Hulk, in this acoustic fingerstyle guitar lesson.

Rejuvenate your pentatonic guitar soloing with these great guitar exercises, sequences and routines in this guitar lesson with Danny Gill.

Chris Buck presents you with more reasons to use repetition in your guitar solos as a powerful musical tool in this blues & rock lead guitar lesson.

Uncover some game changing pentatonic sequences and guitar licks with the help of Danny Gill in this lead guitar lesson.

Giorgio Serci takes you through his fingerstyle guitar composition Momentum in this creative acoustic guitar lesson.

Add a sense of melody and movement to your rhythm guitar parts using triads. In this rhythm guitar tutorial Sam Bell teaches you how.

Play more interesting pentatonic guitar licks and runs with the power of scale sequences. Danny Gill teaches you how in this pentatonic guitar soloing lesson.

The jazz influenced fingerstyle solo guitar piece A Walk In The Park is taught by Giorgio Serci in this acoustic jazz guitar lesson covering some fantastic jazz guitar chord voicings and progressions.

Sam Bell gives you an insight into modern guitar chord voicings using spread triads to create more progressive and musical guitar parts in this rhythm guitar lesson.

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