David Grissom Interview | Guitar Interactive Magazine

Published 9 years ago on May 28, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine


For those (no need to be ashamed now) who see serious limits to shredding as a guitar style, Grissom, just in case you're not familiar with his work, is a breath of fresh air.

Gary Cooper

David Grissom talks Stuart Bull through his new signature PRS and explains why what a guitarist really needs is a good bass amp! Meanwhile, Gary Cooper profiles one of America's best-kept guitar playing secrets.

It's pretty rare for a guitar or amp company to put its collective finger on why one of its endorsing artists really matters. Most often what you read is just corporate advertising blarney that probably makes even the artist's mother's toes curl with embarrassment at the weapons-grade hyperbole. But guitar maker PRS gets it absolutely right when it says of David Grissom: Blues, country, R&B, rock and roll... somewhere in our collective imagination, there's a crossroads where all of America's great musical traditions meet. And that's where you'll find David Grissom....


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