Nick Jennison

Nick Jennison is an acclaimed guitarist, singer, teacher and producer. His expertise in all things guitar tech sets him apart from the crowd, from pedals, amps and guitar to recording software, Nick is a source of knowledge to guide you through the world of guitar gear. His virtuoso guitar skills and formal teaching background have placed him at the cutting edge of guitar tuition for the past decade.

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I’m Nick Jennison, a guitarist, vocalist, producer and educator from the North East of England. My playing has made it onto top 5 albums in 3 continents, video games (including Devil May Cry, Tekken, Sonic The Hedgehog and many more...), I’ve played in front of crowds as big as 50,000 and in front of my bedroom mirror. I’m a lecturer at Shaun Baxter’s Academy Of Music & Sound, a content producer for I’m the singer and lead guitarist for Saints Of Arcadia, lead guitarist for J-Pop chart-topper Bentley Jones and lead guitarist with Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons.

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