Nick Jennison

Nick Jennison is an acclaimed guitarist, singer, teacher and producer. His expertise in all things guitar tech sets him apart from the crowd, from pedals, amps and guitar to recording software, Nick is a source of knowledge to guide you through the world of guitar gear. His virtuoso guitar skills and formal teaching background have placed him at the cutting edge of guitar tuition for the past decade.

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If you want your picking to be the very best it can be, it's very ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to take the concepts discussed in lesson ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison explains the six possible picking strategies and how to achieve ...

Now that you're familiar with the core mechanics involved in playing the guitar with a ...

Time to put all of this technique to use! In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how you can use single escape alternate picking ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how you can use asymmetrical economy picking strategies ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how you can use two-way economy picking strategies ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how you can use double escape alternate picking ...

In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how you can combine multiple picking strategies to ...

We often hear great guitar players described as "expressive", but what does that even mean? ...

Perhaps the most fundamental technique in a guitarist's expressive vocabulary is string bending - and ...

Vibrato is your sonic signature as a guitar player - it's what separates the notes ...

Another way we can add expression and excitement into our playing is with slides. While ...

Now that you understand the core mechanics of string bending technique, it's time to get ...

So you've learned the basics of sliding (as discussed in lesson 4) - now it's ...

Now that you've learned how to execute great sounding string bends, it's time to learn ...

Now that you can slide accurately and with confidence, it's time to learn how to ...

No single technique will make you into a more expressive player - it's all about ...

Now that you've learned the mechanics of bending, vibrato and sliding, and learned how to ...

Part 1: In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to understand modes from a ...

Part 2: In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to take the major and ...

Part 3: In this lesson, Nick Jennison guides you through a solo study that moves ...

Part 4: In this lesson, Nick Jennison takes the minor solo study from the previous ...

Part 5: In this lesson, Nick Jennison takes the minor solo study from the previous ...

Part 6: In this lesson, Nick Jennison guides you through a major solo study, contrasting ...

Part 7: In this lesson, Nick Jennison takes the bright and dreamy Lydian solo and ...

Part 8: In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to convert BOTH of the ...

Part 9: In this lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to practice the modes in ...

Part 10: Now that you understand HOW to play modes, it's time to learn WHEN ...

Part 1: Fretting pressure. In this guitar lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to instantly ...

Pull-offs are easy, right? Well, there's a little more to this essential guitar technique than ...

So now you've fixed your pull-offs, what about hammer-ons? This is another area where unwanted ...

More than any other guitar technique, perfect string bends can be incredibly elusive. We're constantly ...

Much attention and many column inches have been devoted to the role of the left ...

In lesson one in this series, we discussed how a tense left hand can "spill ...

Dynamics are an absolutely crucial part of sounding musical and expressive while playing the guitar. ...

You may have heard that your picking movement should "come from the wrist" - but ...

One of the most challenging aspects of playing the guitar (especially at faster speeds) is ...

Have you ever watched a guitar player with playing with incredible technical control and thought: ...

Nick Jennison explores creating melodic interest within your guitar solos using the vehicle of stability ...

For each of the soloing styles contained in this guitar lesson series, certain genre specific ...

In this guitar lesson, Nick gives an insight into his thinking behind each phrase of ...

In this modern blues guitar tutorial, Nick Jennison takes you through how to play his ...

Nick Jennison leads you through a guitar improvisation deep dive, with this guide to his ...

Learn how to play this epic modern prog rock guitar solo, phrase by phrase in ...

Nick Jennison looks at a guitar solo study in a minor blues ballad style, in ...

In this blues guitar lesson, Nick Jennison teaches you how to play his amazing blues ...

In this percussive acoustic guitar techniques lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to emulate drums ...

Get started with slide guitar playing in this beginners guide to slide guitar with Nick ...

Nick Jennison steps into the world of extended range guitars with this exclusive 7 string ...

Nick Jennison takes you through the modern acoustic guitar techniques of crosspicking and hybrid in ...

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I’m Nick Jennison, a guitarist, vocalist, producer and educator from the North East of England. My playing has made it onto top 5 albums in 3 continents, video games (including Devil May Cry, Tekken, Sonic The Hedgehog and many more...), I’ve played in front of crowds as big as 50,000 and in front of my bedroom mirror. I’m a lecturer at Shaun Baxter’s Academy Of Music & Sound, a content producer for I’m the singer and lead guitarist for Saints Of Arcadia, lead guitarist for J-Pop chart-topper Bentley Jones and lead guitarist with Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons.

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