Just when they said Heavy Metal was dead, a generation of new bands connected the body to the mains, gave it a 1,000 volts and set it on its feet again. They called it The New Wave of British Heavy Metal - and it has been influencing Rock ever since. Jamie Humphries looks at some of the key metal guitar styles, NWOBHM style guitar riffs, chord progressions and guitar licks, with ideas inspired by Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in this classic metal guitar lesson.


John Petrucci is one of the kings of shred guitar! So who better than shredmeister, Andy James, to show you how he does it, in this John Petrucci style guitar lesson covering his incredible guitar techniques and progressive rock soloing style.



Jamie Humphries gives a very special Tech Session and guitar lesson covering the playing styles, guitar techniques and favourite signature guitar licks of Ozzy Osbourne’s best guitar players. Behold the ultimate jam session with the Wizards Of Oz!


Zakk Wylde is the master shredder – the monster guitar player behind some of the best of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo work and the front man of Black Label Society. Andy James puts these legendary shred guitar techniques and trademark aggressive metal guitar licks under the microscope in this Zakk Wylde style guitar lesson.


Danny Gill presents the most comprehensive guide to Joe Satriani's guitar playing; his phrasing, lydian lines and compositions, favourite Joe Satriani style chords and, of course, his signature two handed tapping technique; all in this Joe Satriani style guitar lesson.


Gary Moore's career spanned a wide territory, from classic Blues to Pop/Rock to Metal. Exclusively for Guitar Interactive readers, Jamie Humphries offers a set of unique insights into the style that made Gary Moore one of the all-time greats in this Gary Moore style guitar lesson covering both his blues and rock guitar techniques and style.

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