Marty Friedman’s incendiary shred guitar technique and style has made him a metal guitar legend. Andy James shows you how to master the exotic metal licks, harmonic approaches and signature metal guitar licks in this Marty Friedman style guitar lesson.


In this Eric Clapton style guitar improvisation lesson, Michael Casswell takes us back to the late 1960's and Cream, the band that propelled Clapton out of the Blues purist pigeonhole and into the limelight as the world's first guitar superhero. Michael provides a study guitar solo which will help you master Eric Clapton's recognisable vibrato, phrasing and string bending technique.


In this Albert Lee signature country guitar lesson, Lee Hodgson guides you through the intricacies and country guitar secrets of possibly the world's greatest Country Rock guitarist.



Jamie Humphries presents an exclusive Tech Session on playing in the coveted blues guitar style of Stevie Ray Vaughan -  one of the hottest blues guitarists ever to emerge from the Texas Blues scene. Jamie takes an in-depth look at Stevie Ray Vaughan’s best known signature guitar riffs and and blues guitar licks in this Stevie Ray Vaughan style blues guitar lesson.


As the driving force behind two of Rock's most successful bands, Mott The Hoople and Bad Company, Mick Ralphs has proved the enduring power of straight-ahead Rock guitar. Jamie Humphries explores Mick's unorthodox approach to open guitar tunings, and how he uses them to craft the perfect Rock song in this Mick Ralphs style guitar lesson tech session.


Gary Moore is without doubt one of the most loved and revered modern blues/rock guitarists of the last 30 years. Even after his untimely death, Gary’s popularity continues to grow. Jamie Humphries gives you the clues you need to recreate that unmistakable tone, phrasing and blues rock lead guitar style in this Gary Moore style guitar lesson and original piece.

This Steve Howe style guitar lesson video sees Jamie Humphries offer an original Yes inspired prog rock guitar study piece covering the unique and legendary playing style, guitar techniques and licks of one of the world’s best prog rock guitarists, Steve Howe.

Having sold over 100 million albums, Mötley Crüe is one of the biggest Los Angeles bands to emerge from the '80s. With their excessive Rock n' Roll lifestyle depicted in a recent movie, Jamie Humphries felt it was about time Guitar Interactive Magazine looked at the riff genius of Mick Mars in this exclusive Tech Session.

In this Def Leppard style guitar lesson Tech Session, Jamie Humphries presents a full Def Leppard inspired guitar piece, giving you a tutorial on the unique twin guitar style, melodic 80’s rock guitar licks & riffs of one of the biggest-selling rock bands of the 1980’s, Def Leppard; exploring the band's distinctive approach to composing catchy rock riffs and lead guitar lines.


A true pioneer of Heavy Metal guitar, Randy Rhoads helped lay the foundations for Ozzy Osbourne’s career. His metal guitar playing and style has inspired a generation of guitarists and continues to do so. In this special GI Randy Rhoads style guitar lesson feature Jamie Humphries analyses Randy’s classic metal rhythm and lead guitar playing style, guitar technique and licks for our exclusive stylistic Tech Session.



During the 1980's, while the guitar scene was flooded with clones of Van Halen or Yngwie Malmsteen, one guitar player stood out with his unorthodox lead guitar approaches and technique. In this George Lynch style guitar lesson tech session, Jamie Humphries guides you through the playing style, trademark guitar licks and 80's style hard rock guitar riffs of the great George Lynch!


Jamie Humphries digs into Eddie Van Halen’s encyclopedia of guitar licks, tricks & techniques, and shares some of the rock guitar soloing secrets of one of the greatest Rock guitarists of all time in this Eddie Van Halen style guitar lesson.


Jamie Humphries walks you through a full Eddie Van Halen style guitar lesson in this tech session, presenting an original guitar piece which focuses chiefly on Eddie’s famously proficient rock rhythm guitar techniques plus his soloing style and a look at some typical Van Halen style tapping guitar licks.


GI's resident shredmeister, Sam Bell, brings you an exclusive GI Tech Session on the amazing lead guitar style, line creation and all round sound of Steve Vai! Choc full of modal soloing concepts, Steve Vai signature sitar style phrasing and legato techniques; this Steve Vai style guitar lesson is a must for any true Vai fan!



Danny Gill presents the most comprehensive guide to Joe Satriani's guitar playing; his phrasing, lydian lines and compositions, favourite Joe Satriani style chords and, of course, his signature two handed tapping technique; all in this Joe Satriani style guitar lesson.


In this Paul Gilbert style guitar lesson Tech Session, Sam Bell deep dives into the sometimes intense, sometimes blues-filled, but always technically difficult guitar stylings, licks and techniques of Mr Paul Gilbert.

Jamie Humphries presents you with the ultimate Steve Morse style guitar lesson & techniques analysis in this guitar tutorial video.

With a career spanning over 30 years, Steve Morse has to be one of the most versatile guitarists in the business. Throughout his career, be it with The Dixie Dregs, Kansas, Deep Purple or the Steve Morse band, Steve is at home with a number of styles from Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock, Fusion, Country, Bluegrass, Classical or Celtic.


Zakk Wylde is the master shredder – the monster guitar player behind some of the best of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo work and the front man of Black Label Society. Andy James puts these legendary shred guitar techniques and trademark aggressive metal guitar licks under the microscope in this Zakk Wylde style guitar lesson.

George Marios presents a blistering Tech Session on the one and only Nuno Bettencourt! With an original Extreme inspired guitar track designed to give you an insight into the melodic phrasing, percussive funk rhythm guitar style and outrageous guitar technique of one of the best rock guitarists to come out of the 1990’s.


Tom Quayle brings you an exclusive GI Tech Session with this incredible Dweezil Zappa style guitar lesson, looking at his unique phrasing, time feel, note choice and show stopping guitar techniques.


Jeff Loomis is one of the acknowledged shred guitar masters of the 7-string guitar. But don't let that put you off! GI's resident 'extended guitar' genius Sam Bell guides you through this Jeff Loomis style modern metal guitar lesson in a way that you can handle, either on a 7-string guitar or the regular instrument. Of course, you'll need a spot of talent - but Sam can help there, too!



Tom Quayle shows you how to grasp the lead guitar style of the incredible Greg Howe, including Greg’s synth inspired guitar phrasing & lines, scalar Greg Howe style tapping licks and bluesy fusion guitar style.


Danny Gill takes you on a southern rock journey with this ZZ top inspired track and Billy Gibbons style guitar lesson. Swinging repeating blues guitar licks with those signature Billy Gibbons pinched harmonics.


John Petrucci is regarded as one of the most influential Rock Metal guitarists of the last 20 years. He's renowned for his technical prowess, drill sergeant practice guitar practice routines and dedication to technical excellence. In this John Petrucci style guitar lesson Jamie Humphries gives a rare insight into Petrucci's playing style.


Jamie Humphries delivers a Michael Schenker style study & guitar lesson, giving a rare insight into the great man’s bag of signature guitar licks, hard rock rhythm guitar style and blues infused classic metal soloing techniques.

For close to 50 years, Kiss has been entertaining us in a way that no other band can. The Rock N' Roll Hall of Famers have released 44 albums and sold more than 100 million albums worldwide – not to mention the pyrotechnic and fire breathing filled record-breaking global tours. In this issue's Tech Session, Jamie Humphries encourages you to don your spaceman suit and makeup as he takes a look at the guitar style of the legendary Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, as well as the band's influence on rock music.

In this Steve Vai style guitar lesson, Jamie Humphries pays tribute to the seminal guitar instrumental album Passion and Warfare; delving into Steve Vai’s bottomless bag of off the wall guitar licks, tricks, techniques and playing style; presenting GI's tribute to this landmark guitar album and Mr Vai's very special Alien Guitar Secrets.



Jamie Humphries gives a very special Tech Session and guitar lesson covering the playing styles, guitar techniques and favourite signature guitar licks of Ozzy Osbourne’s best guitar players. Behold the ultimate jam session with the Wizards Of Oz!


John Petrucci is one of the kings of shred guitar! So who better than shredmeister, Andy James, to show you how he does it, in this John Petrucci style guitar lesson covering his incredible guitar techniques and progressive rock soloing style.



Jamie Humphries presents a Shrapnel Records Jam session & guitar lesson, featuring the riffs, shred guitar licks and the style of some of Shrapnel’s masters of shred guitar; giving you an insight into how to play Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen, Greg Howe and Yngwie Malmsteen style 80’s shred guitar licks and techniques. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to shred till you drop!


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