Tom Quayle

Having rewritten the rules on legato guitar playing and technique, Tom Quayle has become one of today’s leading figures in the world of fusion and virtuosic guitar world. Tom has also carved a place as an authority on all aspects of guitar gear and his reviews are seen as some of the best in the industry.

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This Tom Quayle modern guitar techniques lesson shows you how to play fluid guitar licks ...

Tom Quayle explores more unconventional, head turning guitar chord progressions in this modern fusion rhythm ...

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In this Tom Quayle guitar lesson, Tom teaches you another way to add tension to ...

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Expand your guitar chord vocabulary instantly in this Tom Quayle guitar lesson covering how to ...

Learn how to use triad pairs in your guitar solos to develop melodic fusion guitar ...

Tom Quayle teaches and demonstrates the importance of maintaining and feeling time in this rhythmic ...

In this Tom Quayle modern guitar lesson, Tom discusses and demonstrates the benefit of tuning ...

Get one step closer to learning how to write and produce great guitar tracks! Tom ...

Learn how to produce and create your own guitar backing tracks in this music production ...

Want your guitar licks and lines to sound instantly better? Its all in the timing! ...

Here’s a great time feel guitar lesson with Tom Quayle teaching you how to play ...

Add some latin style finger picking patterns and technique to your rhythm guitar playing in ...

In the second part of this jazz rhythm guitar lesson, Tom Quayle teaches you the ...

This Tom Quayle jazz & fusion rhythm guitar lesson focuses on a jazz guitar chord ...

Learn how to play great sounding fusion guitar chord progressions using non functioning harmony in ...

Tom Quayle provides you with another great way to play better guitar chord progressions in ...

In this rhythm guitar & harmony guitar lesson, Tom Quayle starts you off with a ...

Learn how to compose guitar impressive chord progressions used in some of the greatest pop ...

Tom Quayle helps you improve your sense of timing when improvising once again, in this ...

Learn all you need to know about lydian modal chord progressions, grooves and creating the ...

Tom Quayle shows you how to keep you level of guitar technique consistent when improvising ...

Tom Quayle gives you the lowdown on how to play Greg Howe style ‘hammer-on from ...

Get to know your fretboard better in this Tom Quayle fusion guitar improvisation lesson. Tom ...

This chord progression and modern song writing guitar lesson with Tom Quayle is a great ...

Tom Quayle presents a simply guitar soloing trick to get you through improvising over chord ...

In this Tom Quayle time feel guitar lesson, Tom focuses on adding 16th note swing ...

Tom Quayle continues to show you ways to improve your time feel whilst improvising in ...

This Tom Quayle guitar lesson focuses on how to developing your time feel while improvising ...

This Tom Quayle II-V-I jazz & fusion guitar lesson focuses on playing and enhancing the ...

Tom Quayle takes you through some modern fusion guitar chord shapes to bring new life ...

This Tom Quayle time feel guitar lesson will show you how to add a swing ...

Learn how to play guitar solos over 12 bar blues chord progressions and follow the ...

Tom Quayle covers guitar improvisation music theory for soloing over the V chord in our ...

In this fusion guitar improvisation lesson, Tom Quayle teaches you how to solo over chord ...

This Tom Quayle jazz & fusion guitar lesson teaches you how to understanding and create ...

In this jazz and fusion guitar soloing lesson, Tom Quayle recaps the II-V-I chord progression ...

Tom Quayle teaches you how to utilise guitar improvisation limitation exercises when playing over chord ...

Tom Quayle shows you how to use your scales to play guitar solos over chord ...

Learn how to play guitar solos over the chord changes from a common jazz standard ...

This Tom Quayle guitar improvisation lesson teaches you how to solo over basic diatonic chord ...

Learn the secrets of diminished guitar chords, harmony and how to use them in a ...

This Tom Quayle jazz guitar lesson gives you further ideas for using Tri-tone Substitutions to ...

What is Tri-Tone Substitution and how do I use it? Tom Quayle leads you through ...

This Tom Quayle jazz guitar chord progressions lesson takes your II-V-I progression a step further ...

This Tom Quayle jazz/fusion guitar lesson covers everything you need to know about the all ...

Tom Quayle teaches you how to expand your knowledge of guitar chords in this rhythm ...

In this harmony and voice leading guitar lesson Tom Quayle looks at the chords and ...

Learn how to write modal chord progressions and understand the modes in this Tom Quayle ...

Learn some more chord extensions you can create using the modes in this Tom Quayle ...

Expand your fusion guitar chord voicings and knowledge using the modes in this Tom Quayle ...

Discover how to play through modal chord changes with the help of Tom Quayle in ...

This Tom Quayle guitar lesson shows you how to add easy chromatics to your guitar ...

This Tom Quayle legato guitar lesson will give you the foundations for playing fast modern ...

Approach your blues guitar solos, lines and improvisation like a pro! Tom Quayle shows you ...

Tech Sessions

Tom Quayle took up the guitar at the age of 15 after being inspired by his Dad’s incredible finger style guitar playing and quickly developed a love for the instrument. Being addicted to players such as Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Brett Garsed, Tom initially focused on rock technique before developing a huge interest in Jazz and Fusion.

At this point Tom changed to his renowned 4th’s tuning and studied Jazz, graduating with a Jazz Performance degree in 2002 from Leeds College of Music. Since graduating Tom has developed to become one of the foremost fusion legato players in the world with a strong reputation for both the teaching and playing, having produced a large number of highly acclaimed tuition products for his own website and Lick Library that have helped literally thousands of guitar players from every corner of the planet.

He has conducted masterclasses and played all over the world giving him acclaim that means he can count Dweezil Zappa, John Petrucci, Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Andy Timmons and Tim Miller amongst his many fans. Tom currently plays with and on the albums of some of the best fusion musicians in the world, releasing the highly acclaimed ‘Elba Triangle’ album in early 2017 with Virgil Donati, Alex Argento, Marco Sfogli and Allesandro Benvenutti.

Tom has many projects in the works including lots of studio and live work with his partner in crime, Martin Miller. His highly anticipated debut album is in the works and he has produced a huge catalogue of some of the most successful tuition material for the modern fusion genre.

Tom is incredibly proud to play his signature TQM1 guitar exclusively.

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