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Lesson Series

This Tom Quayle legato guitar lesson will give you the foundations for playing fast modern legato guitar techniques and licks. Taught by the master himself.

This Tom Quayle guitar lesson shows you how to add easy chromatics to your guitar licks & phrases to give you that modern fusion guitar sound.

Tom Quayle teaches you how to expand your knowledge of guitar chords in this rhythm guitar & theory lesson; creating new guitar chord voicing using slash chords.

Learn how to play guitar solos over 12 bar blues chord progressions and follow the chords in this fusion guitar improvisation lesson with Tom Quayle.

Tom Quayle takes you through some modern fusion guitar chord shapes to bring new life to your II-V-I jazz chord progression.

This Tom Quayle II-V-I jazz & fusion guitar lesson focuses on playing and enhancing the major II-V-I chord progression to give a more modern guitar sound.

Tom Quayle presents a simply guitar soloing trick to get you through improvising over chord changes when one or more chords come from outside the key, in this guitar improvisation lesson.

This chord progression and modern song writing guitar lesson with Tom Quayle is a great way to come up with new guitar chord progressions. Tom gives you some trade secrets and tips for using non diatonic chords.

Get to know your fretboard better in this Tom Quayle fusion guitar improvisation lesson. Tom teaches you how to play continuous guitar lines over chord changes when soloing.

Tom Quayle gives you the lowdown on how to play Greg Howe style ‘hammer-on from nowhere’ techniques in this hybrid picking modern fusion guitar lesson.

Tom Quayle shows you how to keep you level of guitar technique consistent when improvising guitar solos, with one simple guitar improvisation exercise, in this essential lead guitar lesson.

Learn all you need to know about lydian modal chord progressions, grooves and creating the sound of the modes using chords in this Tom Quayle fusion rhythm guitar.

Tom Quayle helps you improve your sense of timing when improvising once again, in this guitar improvisation lesson covering all important subdivisions when soloing.

Add some latin style finger picking patterns and technique to your rhythm guitar playing in this guitar lesson with Tom Quayle.

Tom Quayle teaches and demonstrates the importance of maintaining and feeling time in this rhythmic modern legato lesson.

Learn how to use triad pairs in your guitar solos to develop melodic fusion guitar phrases and licks, in this Tom Quayle guitar improvisation lesson.

Expand your guitar chord vocabulary instantly in this Tom Quayle guitar lesson covering how to create chord shapes from intervals rather than go to common guitar chord voicings.

Tom Quayle explores more unconventional, head turning guitar chord progressions in this modern fusion rhythm guitar lesson.

This Tom Quayle modern guitar techniques lesson shows you how to play fluid guitar licks and solos by releasing the tension caused by finger 1 on your fretting hand.

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