Sam Bell - Rhythm Guitar Concepts

Learn how to play rhythm guitar in time and improve your time keeping in this rhythm guitar essentials lesson with Sam Bell.

Play rhythm guitar with better timing in this guitar lesson with Sam Bell. Learn how to feel those 8th notes so you can improve your internal sense of time!

This rhythm guitar lesson with Sam Bell focuses on the building blocks of good rhythm guitar and groove - 16th notes and how to feel them in your riffs and chord playing.

Sam Bell teaches you how to play the famous “Motown Skank” style of rhythm guitar playing, plus how to expand your guitar chords & positions, in this rhythm guitar basics lesson.

This Sam Bell rhythm guitar lesson shows you how to use the guitar chord shapes you know to create the kind of smaller guitar chord voicings used in funk and blues rhythm guitar.

In this modern guitar chord voicings lesson, Sam Bell looks at how to embellish your chord progressions using double stops and phrases gleaned from the ever useful CAGED system.

Sam Bell gives you an insight into modern guitar chord voicings using spread triads to create more progressive and musical guitar parts in this rhythm guitar lesson.

Add a sense of melody and movement to your rhythm guitar parts using triads. In this rhythm guitar tutorial Sam Bell teaches you how.

Learn how to play the fundamentals of chordal tapping guitar techniques with this great guitar study piece and rhythm guitar lesson from Sam Bell.

Learn how to add musical interest to your chord progression and song writing whilst learning new guitar chords in this rhythm guitar lesson with Sam Bell. Sam teaches you essential modern guitar chord voicings for add and suspended chords.

In this rhythm guitar lesson, Sam Bell shows you how to create space within your guitar parts with modern guitar chord voicings including sus chords and add9.

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