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Lesson Series

In this guitar lesson, Rick Graham shows you how to get more mileage out of your scale shapes by applying 4 note per string patterns and added tapped notes.

This exclusive Rick Graham guitar lesson teaches you how to break out of scale shapes using 4 note per string patterns and fourth intervals while improvising.

Rick Graham gives you an insight into creating melodic guitar solos with less conventional arpeggio shapes in the next part of this guitar improvisation lesson.

This modern pentatonic soloing Rick Graham guitar lesson covers how to mix minor pentatonic scale shapes to create modern sounding licks and lines.

Rick Graham shows you how to use triads to create more melodic guitar solos and licks in this modern guitar improvisation lesson.

Rick Graham teaches you how to play extended 3 note per string pentatonic scales in this modern guitar soloing lesson, helping you create fresh new contemporary guitar licks and phrases.

Learn a new way to view your pentatonic scale in this Rick Graham guitar improvisation lesson, covering how to play pentatonic double stops.

Rick Graham shows you how to create limitless rhythm guitar comping skills and understand chord voicings in this essential rhythm guitar lesson.

In this Rick Graham guitar techniques lesson, Rick teaches you his approach to the hybrid picking guitar technique to create wider interval and modern sounding guitar licks.

Rick Graham takes a deep dive into picking guitar techniques in this guitar lesson, including alternate picking and economy picking and how to improve your right hand guitar technique.

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