Nick Jennison - The Ultimate Guide To Melody & Phrasing

Nick Jennison explores creating melodic interest within your guitar solos using the vehicle of stability and instability; answering the question of which notes to set as a feature and when to play them when improvising.

In the second instalment of this comprehensive guitar improvisation lesson series, Nick Jennison takes a deep dive into how to use choice intervals and rhythm within your guitar solos to lead the listener’s ear; creating structure and musical interest.

For each of the soloing styles contained in this guitar lesson series, certain genre specific expressive tools can be used to create musical interest and authenticity. Nick Jennison looks at how these elements help create expert melodic guitar phrasing.

In this guitar lesson, Nick gives an insight into his thinking behind each phrase of this epic sounding modern solo guitar solo.

In this modern blues guitar tutorial, Nick Jennison takes you through how to play his full modern soul guitar solo and a melodic analysis of each phrase.

Nick Jennison leads you through a guitar improvisation deep dive, with this guide to his creative process behind this show-stopping modern progressive rock guitar solo.

Learn how to play this epic modern prog rock guitar solo, phrase by phrase in this guitar lesson. Nick Jennison teaches the full melodic soloing approach, in addition to the written solo; covering note choice, concepts and compositional ideas.

Nick Jennison looks at a guitar solo study in a minor blues ballad style, in this guitar lesson. Nick takes you through the stylistic elements and compositional ideas behind this spacious and tasteful style of guitar soloing.

In this blues guitar lesson, Nick Jennison teaches you how to play his amazing blues ballad guitar solo in full detail with a phrase by phrase analysis.

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