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Lesson Series

What do you do when the key changes in the middle of your guitar solo? Michael Casswell gives you a comprehensive guide to improvising through key changes in this pro guitar improvisation lesson.

Learn how to build guitar solos like a pro in this Michael Casswell guitar improvisation lesson, covering the different ways you can incorporate runs into your rock guitar licks and phrases.

Develop your Funk and R&B rhythm guitar playing, groove & techniques in this pro rhythm guitar skills lesson with Michael Casswell.

This Michael Casswell whammy bar guitar techniques lesson will show how to play tremolo bar guitar techniques and phrasing tips. A guitar lesson with the master of tremolo arm techniques!

Learn how to play 10 essential electric guitar licks with the master Michael Casswell in this lead guitar lesson covering a wide range of pro guitar concepts.

Learn how to play those famous thumb over the neck Jimi Hendrix style guitar chords in this rhythm guitar lesson with Michael Casswell.

Michael Casswell teaches you an essential blues guitar scales used by the pros by mixing your minor and major pentatonic scales together to create a hybrid blues based scale in this guitar improvisation lesson.

Improve your song writing skills in this guitar composition lesson with Michael Casswell. Michael shows you how to use rhythm to write more interesting guitar parts.

This Michael Casswell guitar lesson looks at the common guitar technique of using your fingers instead of your guitar pick to play notes in the style of Mark Knopfler & Richie Kotzen.

Learn how the pros lay down funk guitar parts in this funk rhythm guitar lesson with Michael Casswell.

Learn how to play guitar solos and licks with feel. In this lead guitar lesson Michael Casswell gives you a guide to adding feel to your soloing and improvisation.

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