Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts - Season 2

Michael Casswell takes you through developing your time feel and sense of rhythm on the guitar in this rhythm guitar lesson dedicated to improving your timing.

Michael Casswell leads this melodic guitar playing lesson, covering how to use strong chord tones, vocal lines and simple tricks to make you guitar solos more musical.

This Michael Casswell rhythm guitar lesson will teach you how to add great feel, groove and rhythm to your guitar playing. Another essential guitar skill needed to become a pro guitarist.

Learn how to play essential mixolydian guitar licks and runs like a pro in this guitar improvisation lesson with Michael Casswell.

Michael Casswell takes you through this picking guitar technique lesson covering the different sounds created by alternate picking, hybrid picking, sweep picking and fingerstyle picking techniques.

Learn how to use your finger tapping guitar technique musically in this tapping guitar lesson with Michael Casswell.

Michael Casswell teaches you a rhythm guitar groove designed to give you the secrets to playing rhythm guitar like pro, in this guitar lesson, and discusses the importance of rhythm guitar skills in the professional guitar world.

Michael Casswell leads you through this rhythm guitar lesson and teaches you how to expand your rhythm guitar parts to suit the musical situation.

Learn how to leave space in your guitar licks to add expression to your guitar solos and improvisation in this pro lead guitar skills lesson with Michael Casswell.

Michael Casswell discusses diatonic chord theory and how to create great rhythm guitar parts on the spot in this pro rhythm guitar skills lesson.

Michael Casswell discusses the essential session guitar skill of improvising a rhythm guitar part over a given chord progression in this guitar lesson.

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