Michael Casswell - Pro Concepts Season 1

Learn how to play Michael Casswell’s trademark, Jeff Beck style whammy bar guitar techniques and phrasing in this pro guitarist techniques lesson.

Michael Casswell takes you through this microtonal bending guitar techniques lesson. Learn how to use your whammy bar to add subtle, vocal style, sounds to your rock and blues guitar licks.

Michael Casswell gives you the secrets to playing guitar solos with feel in this pro guitar skills lesson covering one of the most coveted lead guitar techniques.

In this Michael Casswell guitar improvisation, Mike shows you how to use string skipping to add new dimensions to your guitar solos and licks.

Learn how to use passing notes and chromatics in your guitar licks and solos with the help of pro guitar ace Michael Casswell in this pro guitar soloing lesson.

Michael Casswell teaches you how to play bottleneck slide guitar in standard tuning, like a pro, in this slide guitar techniques lesson.

This hybrid picking guitar techniques lesson with Michael Casswell will give you a full guide on how to hybrid pick, including runs, licks and discussion on the sound created by this pro guitar technique.

Learn how to play double stop pedal steel style guitar licks & whammy bar phrasing techniques with Michael Casswell in this pro guitar skills lesson.

Michael Casswell helps you learn how to bend strings accurately like a pro in this string bending lesson instalment of Pro Concepts: How To Be A Pro Guitarist.

Michael Casswell teaches you how to end your guitar licks & phrases like a pro in this second in a must-watch series of guitar lessons on how to be a successful professional guitarist.

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