Lewis Turner - Back To Basics

Lewis Turner takes you through your pentatonic scale like you've never played it before in this guitar lesson designed to reconnect you with the basics of guitar soloing again.

Reconnect with the basics of rhythm and how to play guitar in time in this guitar fundamentals lesson with Lewis Turner.

In this rhythm & time feel guitar lesson, Lewis Turner presents some useful guitar timing exercises for playing with rhythms to develop your sense of timing and rhythmic styles.

Learn all about playing guitar parts in time using and feeling rhythmic sub divisions in this fundamental time feel guitar lesson with Lewis Turner.

Lewis Turner gives you a comprehensive guide to finding and naming every note on your guitar fretboard in this fretboard navigation guitar lesson.

Brush up on your basic vibrato and string bending guitar technique in this guitar fundamentals lesson with Lewis Turner, aimed at improving your expressive guitar playing and soloing.

Lewis Turner gives you the lowdown on all five of the pentatonic scales and how to play them across the full range of the guitar neck in this guitar scales lesson.

Learn how to play guitar solos using all your pentatonic scales. Lewis Turner helps you join your guitar scales together in this fretboard knowledge and guitar improvisation guitar lesson.

Learn how to play more musical guitar solos using your pentatonic scales and link guitar licks together to improvise full guitar solos in this lead guitar basics lesson with Lewis Turner.

You know how to play your 5 minor pentatonic scales around the guitar neck, but how well do you know your major scale shapes? Lewis Turner takes you back to guitar basics with these essential scales.

Get to grips with your basic scale harmony and music theory for guitarists in this scale lesson with Lewis Turner, giving you the basics on relative major and minor scale harmony and how to play them.

Learn how to play guitar solos and improvise in any key in this guitar improvisation basics lesson with Lewis Turner.

Lewis Turner teaches you how to play confident guitar solos in all 12 keys using your simple pentatonic scales in this basic lead guitar improvisation lesson.

Build your alternate picking guitar technique and improve you picking skills with Lewis Turner in this guitar techniques basics guitar lesson.

Join Lewis Turner for this 2nd guitar technique lesson looking at how to improve your basic alternate picking guitar skills.

Learn everything you need to know about the CAGED guitar system in this Lewis Turner guitar lesson. Lewis looks at using CAGED based guitar shapes to learn & navigate your fretboard.

Want a quick way to learn how to play and visualise your major scale shapes on the guitar? Lewis Turner shows you how in this CAGED system guitar scales lesson.

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