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We always try to feature the best and most interesting guitar players in our interviews and we think we've excelled ourselves this time with two of the finest in the world – Steve Vai and Frank Gambale! We had to flip a coin as to which if these two fabulous players would be the subject of our Tech Session for this issue and Steve won, mostly it has to be said because Jamie Humphries is such a big Steve Vai fan and was keen to take on the monumental challenge of trying to analyse the master's style!

iGuitar Issue 12 featuring Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan's Aristocrats, A Special 50th Anniversary Marshall Amplification feature, Paul Brett's Vintage Guitar column + Aerosmith's Joe Perry on The Pretenders. Columns this month come from Stuart Bull, Jamie Humphries, Michael Casswell, Tom Quayle, Rick Graham and Andy James brings you a special profile on Misha Mansoor. Reviewed in this month's issue are new products from Ibanez, Duesenberg, Fender, Godin, Cornell, Hayden, IK Multimedia, TC Electronic, Rocktron, Faith, Marshall, Huss and Dalton, Laney, Overwater and Elixir!



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