Seagull Entourage Rustic (no tutor, wrong vid)

Published 3 years ago on February 14, 2018

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Essentially, this model is exactly the same as the Burgundy but without the addition of the cutaway or the onboard Quantum I preamp. It also features a very attractive rustic burst custom polished finish and again is semi-gloss but with that slight sheen that makes for a very attractive appearance. The woods and constructional details are the same, so let's get on with my playing impressions!

The first noticeable thing about these guitars when you pick them up is how comfortable they are to play. The action is low, without any discernible fret-buzz and it's relatively easy to bust out some rapid-fire licks, just as you might with your trusty electric guitar in hand. Both instruments are capable of producing a decent amount of volume too, with some very nice warm tones on offer thanks to the cedar tops.

The Quantum I pre-amp on the cutaway version sounds impressive too and did a great job of recreating the natural acoustic tone of the instrument with nice quality and very low noise. The finishing on both of these instruments was impeccable too and it's very impressive and reassuring to see that the same attention to detail on Robert Godin's higher-end instruments can still be found on these budget conscious instruments too. Another great feature of the Entourage Burgundy was its deep cutaway, which allowed for easy access to the higher frets without any impediment and felt very comfortable indeed.

Check out our video for an idea of the high quality sound these two guitars are capable of. In summary I found it hard to fault either of them. They are both well made guitars which feel very comfortable to play, have great tone, with plenty of volume on tap and are very well finished indeed. As the manufacturer has intended, they make ideal candidates for the electric player looking to invest in an acoustic which is comfortable both from a playing and price perspective. Check them out if you get the opportunity, I'm sure you'll be impressed. We thought hard about the ratings to give these two and decided they continue the Seagull reputation for bang for your buck. In fact for North American made guitars we think they both represent extremely good value for money - particularly the all-acoustic Entourage Rustic.

Issue 17


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