Peavey LN 1263 PA | REVIEW

Published 6 months ago on March 15, 2021

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Peavey LN 1263 PA

MSRP: (UK) £1440 / (US) $2499

Billed as offering the best-in-class feature-to-value and performance, the Peavey LN1263 powered column loudspeaker boasts a room-filling 1,200 watts and a great-sounding array of custom state-of-the-art drivers. The LN1263 includes a 6-channel mixer and enough I/O for home use or small gigs. Sam Bell tells us more.

In all of my reviews for Guitar Interactive Magazine over the years, this is actually the first time I've taken a look at PA system. I have, however, had lots of experience using portable setups for smaller gigs such as function gigs or weddings/presentations or guitar clinics! I had the pleasure of taking a look at the 1200 Watt Peavy LN1263 Portable Column Array PA system at GI HQ, suffice to say I was very impressed with how easy it was to set up and how light it was.

The LN1263 features a 12-inch sub box and two satellite speakers which are loaded onto a column that fits right into the top of the sub, no extra cables are needed, it's an independent unit. It can be run alongside another unit using speakon cables. The units are well built, very sturdy and super easy to assemble and use.

The PA features 4 XLR/Jack channels which feature Level and Reverb controls; you can also change between mic, line and guitar input levels. Channels 5/6 are jack input only and channels 7/8 are assigned for Bluetooth or AUX cable connectivity. There is also an overall power/master level, and an XLR Mix out.

Above the latter channels there is a DSP screen which is controlled by a single twist/pushpull knob, this enables us to change some of the reverb/eqparameters for all the channels, we can also change the SUB level, if the unit is in Mono or Stereo and the FX level of the EQ for each channel. This can also be controlled via an app which can remotely change these settings via Bluetooth.

Just one unit sounds full, and this is a difficult thing to demonstrate on camera, we don't hear PA systems' miced up' like Guitar Amps etc. However, considering the size and weight of this unit, it moved a lot of air! The sub sounds full, and the satellite tweeters have a nice amount of spread and definition. The price range I'd say is mid-range for a speaker column array of this wattage, its versatile and very easy to use. Check one out in a Music store near you!

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