Mooer Tone Capture GTR

Published 1 year ago on February 9, 2020

By Guitar Interactive Magazine


Mooer Tone Capture GTR

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Guitar Interactive star rating: 4.5


Makes any guitar sound like any other guitar.

Small size.

Easy to use.


Not a lot.

Mooer Tone Capture GTR

MSRP (UK) £99 (US) $TBC


Dimensions: 93.5mm(D) X 42mm(W) X 52mm(H)

Weight: 155g

With the power to take a tonal snapshot of any guitar you desire (which you can then access using any other guitar), the Mooer Tone Capture Pedal is made for those who want to simplify their rig without compromising on tone. So, does this really mean that finally you need only take one guitar to a gig? Here's Nick Jennison with the answer.


When it comes to gear, we live in a virtual world. The rise of the Axe FX/Kemper/Helix has brought the amp modelling dream into the pro world. IRs are replacing mics on cabs as the most popular method of recording guitars, and even creeping into the professional domain. Even pedals aren't safe. "Not guitars though, right?", we cry. "They're special. There's no way you can model a Tele into sounding like a 335…" - well, dear reader, Mooer are here to prove you wrong.


Based on the Tone Capture technology found in their Preamp Live (and more recently, the GE300), the Tone Capture GTR is a mini format pedal that makes one guitar sound like a different guitar. Yes, you read that right. The process is simple enough - the pedal "listens" to the sound of the guitar you want to "profile" (I use this term in absence of a better one), and the guitar you intend to apply this "profile" to. Witchcraft happens, and suddenly your headless 8-string shred machine sounds like an archtop jazz box.


There are 7 spaces for storing your favourite guitar "profiles", easily recalled at the press of a button. There's also a USB socket, allowing for a near-infinite number of "profiles" to be stored, recalled and shared. If your friend owns a particularly desirable guitar, they can "profile" it it send the file to you. You can keep a library of virtual guitars for your various gigs. It's pretty damn exciting.


Performance-wise, the Tone Capture GTR had us gasping in awe and grinning like idiots - it's frighteningly convincing. While it definitely performs best when "profiling" the same pickup position on both guitars, we decided to throw it for a loop and attempt to make the hot bridge humbucker on my PRS CU22 sound like a variety of neck pickups - and the piezo in a Faith acoustic guitar. Needless to say, the Tone Capture GTR did a sterling job, even under these adverse conditions, and the acoustic "profile" was particularly impressive. The harmonic content of my guitar's bridge pickup did overpower the "profile" through a high gain tone, but for cleaner applications the results were seriously impressive.


I'm calling it now: the Tone Capture GTR is about to join the EP Booster, the Drop Tune and the Altoids tin - it's going to be on literally everyone's pedalboard in 2020. Given how good it is, how small it is and how affordable it is, it's a no brainier.



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