Published 4 months ago on June 21, 2023

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

DV Mark Raw Dawg 60 Eric Gales Signature
MSRP: (UK) £599 / (US) $TBC

Following the amazing worldwide success of the Eric Gales Raw Dawg signature head, the good people at DV Mark are raising their game again with the Raw Dawg 60 Eric Gales Signature Combo. The ultimate portable tube-driven companion for all guitar players needing a tremendous clean, warm and dynamic amp—all in a small and cool looking cabinet. Here's Sam Bell to tell us more.

Eric Gales has taken the guitar world by storm. His incredible phrasing, tone and performances have captured the imaginations of Guitarists, Musicians and Music Lovers everywhere. DV mark has teamed up with Eric to bring us a fantastic little combo amp that is sure to appeal to many gigging musicians. Enter the DV Mark' Raw Dawg 60'.

This is a super light-weight combo amp features a single channel, 60 watts, 6205 microtube preamp, 60-watt power amp (Mark Proprietary Technology) and 1x12 DV Neo Speaker Gold. The channel itself is simple, with a level, bass, mid, hi and reverb knobs. These are super reactive and really dramatically shape the tone of your guitar or… pedals. And pedals are what this amp is all about, Eric wanted to have an amp that really complimented his pedalboard. Many professional guitarists get all their main sounds from pedals straight into a clean amp with good headroom. Eric wanted to bring us that in a compact size, with a speaker, with the ability to really shape the tone on the amp end. This is amazing when using drive pedals particularly, often drive pedals can sound dramatically different through different clean amps depending on the situation. However, the Raw Dawg 60 gives us a lot of tonal flexibility to get the best out of our pedal pallet.

The clean channel itself is incredibly lush sounding and feeling to play through. There is a natural compression to it thanks to the 6205 microtube preamp; the reverb is also something to be admired. The voicing with everything set to noon is rich and punchy, a nice mix of classic and modern. And with how light the combo amp is itself, it actually resonates incredibly well with the DV Neo Speaker. The tone fills the space perfectly. If this all isn't enough, there's an FX loop, AUX-in and Headphone out. Plus, its very reasonably priced considering how good it sounds, how light it is and how it looks.

When coming up with the ratings for this amp, the specialised vs versatile category is hard for me to fathom. It's both incredibly specialised, as it's a single channel, it's designed for pedals. However, because of this, it also has the potential to be incredibly versatile. So in this category, I'd say it's subjective to the user and what they wish to get from it.

If you're a gigging musician looking for a light, compact Combo amp with tons of headroom and great EQ shaping possibilities. I'd look no further than this in my humble opinion; the Raw Dawg 60 is the journey musicians dream combo! Check one out!

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