DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal

Published 5 years ago on September 15, 2018

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

This Delay pedal isn’t your ordinary everyday Analog Delay Pedal. This pedal features over one second of natural sounding Analog repeats with some extra features and tone shaping controls all within a very easy to manipulate on the fly box.

Sam Bell


Amazing Analog Delay Sounds

Great Features with the Footswitches

Responsive Controls

Very Easy to Use


It's Pricy, but you’re paying for high quality here.

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal

Guitar Interactive star rating: 4 stars

MSRP £209 (UK)  $312 (US)

DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay Pedal

With unique extended features like user customizable momentary control of oscillation and momentary control of the dizzying pitch sweep of “Rubbernecking,” plus feedback loop send/return, remote footswitch control and all true bypass in a rugged metal construction. The DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay might just be the must-have delay of the year. Sam Bell finds out more.

This Delay pedal isn’t your ordinary everyday Analog Delay Pedal. This pedal features over one second of natural sounding Analog repeats with some extra features and tone shaping controls all within a very easy to manipulate on the fly box. The extended features of this unique pedal include customisable momentary control of the oscillation (speeding up the time to create almost space-like sounds) and the ability to pitch sweep (slow down the delay trails) at different rates. These are controlled by the two footswitches that can be used either as basic on/off and tap tempo, or when held down, as expression controls for the oscillation or the rubberneck effect.

The Rubber Neck Delay features three larger control knobs that change the time, repeats and level of the Delay effect. These are very responsive but easy to set to desired levels whilst playing if you enjoy changing the oscillation of the repeats by hand, however you can also do this by holding down the tap tempo footswitch which is also labelled as ‘Regen’ which gives us the ability to speed up the oscillations by foot. We can control the rate of the Regen feature via a small trim pot next to the footswitch itself. This pedal features two very cool tone shaping controls below our main larger controls in the form of a Modulation and a Gain section. The Modulation control is a dual knob which lets us control the rate and depth of the modulation on the delay repeats, you can get some very cool Analog synth-esc sounds with the dizzying depths you can get to with the depth control. The gain section lets us add more signal to the delay repeats, you can change how much gain and the tone of these repeats using the second dual knob control. This can be used with the regen function to really get some out of this world sounds. The added toggle switches either side of the pedal control the sub-divisions of the tap tempo between quarter, dotted eighth and straight eighth notes. The other toggle switch controls trails to either off, on, on-no dry. This will change if the effect carries on after the pedal has be turned off, or in the case of the ‘on-no dry’ this defeats the dry signal while allowing delay repeats to continue in bypass. This pedal features an Input, Send/Return for added external effects to the delay path itself, Output and the option of using a Digitech FS3X footswitch to further control the pedal via remote footswitching. And finally the DOD Rubberneck uses 9VDC power so it is easily integrated into your current pedal board.

In my humble experience Delay pedals have always been complicated creatures, many manufacturers are coming out with their take on the perfect Analog Delay pedal and also find seemingly endless ways of making them more complicated to use! The DOD Rubberneck for me isn’t this, this pedal features almost endless options and opportunities within a very manageable and logical unit, great sounds and features. Yet it remains very easy to use and understand, making it a perfect addition to any performing musician or studio musicians pedalboard. If you are looking for a practical and logical solution to getting some truly beautiful Analog Delay sounds, the DOD Rubberneck packs a serious punch and is well worth checking out.


Dimensions: 5.00”  x 4.68”  x 2.17”

All Metal Chassis

9V DC Optional Power Supply

For more information, please visit:





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