Cort KX300 Etched | REVIEW

Published 2 months ago on October 1, 2021

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Cort KX300 Etched

MSRP: (UK) £499 / (US) $749

Sam Bell reviews the Cort KX300 Etched. Covered in matte black with accented gold paint that is only applied on the wood grains of a beautiful ash top to exude an organic vibe, this stunning guitar is also equipped with matching coloured EMG RetroActive Super77 humbuckers that have been tested and proven by the existing KX300 models to be an excellent match for the Mahogany body.

Cort has delivered again in making aesthetically unique, quality guitars at an affordable price range. In this issue, I have the pleasure of looking at the Cort KX300 Etched. A Hard Tail Super Strat-style guitar with awesome features, big tone and great looks. Let’s dive in!

The body features an Ash top and Mahogany Body. The Ash top keeps the top end of the tone in check, adding clarity to the large mid-range that the Mahogany provides. This is great for modern high gain metal sounds and much more. The Ash Top features a cool etched design; the Cort Website shows a Red Etched guitar in the promo shots; however, the one we had in the studio showed a Warm Yellow Etched design. It looks great!

The Pickups are Active EMG ‘Retroactive Super 77’s in both neck and bridge position. These are voiced to be modern high gain pickups for modern riffing and soloing whilst also maintaining a classic aesthetic of a passive pickup ‘look’. The 9V battery is easily accessed via a hatch on the rear of the guitar body. The pickup switch is three-way with a volume and tone knob for further tonal tweaking.

The neck is a slick and fast 24 frets, super flat radius and smooth on the neck side. The fingerboard is made out of Pau Ferro wood with raindrop inlays adding to this guitars' warm woody look. The neck itself is super smooth, as mentioned, it’s made from Canadian Maple, a very sturdy wood, and adding to the guitars punchy sound and feel.

The bridge is a Cort made bridge, nice and smooth feeling, adding some weight to the body and more string contact, adding to the overall size and tone of this instrument. This guitar would be perfect for modern metal styles, drop tuning and much more. Yet again, another quality, unique and affordable instrument.

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