BOSS Nextone Special 80W Combo Amp | REVIEW

Published 4 months ago on October 12, 2021

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

BOSS Nextone Special 80W Combo Amp

MSRP: (UK) £805 / (US) $899

Billed as a modern boutique experience for serious players—with the BOSS Nextone Special you get a professional 80-watt stage amplifier, that features authentic tube sound, feel and response. Thanks to the inclusion of BOSS's critically-acclaimed Tube Logic approach, the Nextone Special produces the kind of tones and versatility that regular stage performers dream of. Billy Campbell tells us more.

Appealing to the vintage amp enthusiasts and pure tube tone aficionados, BOSS release the Nextone Special guitar amplifier. Featuring a loud 80-watts of power with authentic tube amp sound and feel thanks to BOSS's continually evolving Tube Logic Technology and Enhanced reactive drive power amp circuitry. There is a rich and robust low end and low mid-range delivered by the Custom Waza B12W 12-inch speaker that packs the classic "bluebell" tone, with rich lows, mellow mids, and clear highs. For each of the two independent clean or lead channels, you can choose between Four analogue Class AB power amp circuits: 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34. The independent Clean and Lead channels have a selectable American and British EQ option, built-in effects, and advanced power amp voicing controls.

Each channel has a huge amount of control over everything from tone settings, effect settings (including on/off, rate, mix, etc.) level, power tube model, and voicing. On top of all this, there is a Five-way power control for getting authentic cranked-up amp sound and dynamic response at any volume. There is also the option of engaging the Extra Headroom switch for added punch when the power control is wide open. A switchable Solo function with level control gives you the ability to make your solos jump out of the mix by adding clean decibels to any of your tones.

The onboard effects include boost, a highly customizable delay, and reverb effect, plus an FX loop on the back panel for using your favourite external effects as well. Once you've got your preferred settings dialled up, you can easily save them to any one of the three Tone Setting memories for storing and recalling customized amp and effect settings by simply holding the corresponding button down.

External control can be achieved via the GA-FC foot controller, any of the standard BOSS footswitches, and MIDI. There are convenient XLR and 1/4-inch line outputs for sending a direct line to a PA or console, complete with three selectable mic'd cab IR voicings featuring Boss's Air Feel. A headphones/recording output is also available for silent practice or tracking sessions. Also on board is a USB port for direct recording and communication with BOSS's Nextone Editor software, Which allows for deeper editing and extensive control of the Nextone Special. External speaker jacks are included as well, letting you connect up to two 16-ohm 4x12 cabs for even bigger tones.

This feature-heavy amplifier combines classic tube tone, BOSS's industry-leading construction and quality, with all of the modern features that make this an excellent choice for anyone wanting to jam at home, on stage, or at your next recording session.

The Boss Nextone Special retails for $899 in the US and £805 in the UK. Plug one in at your local retailer and check it out!

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