BOSS DD-3T Digital Delay

Published 6 months ago on November 3, 2020

By Jonathan Graham

BOSS DD-3T Digital Delay

MSRP: (UK) £114 / (US) $139

The new DD-3T from BOSS adds some superb additional functions to the classic DD-3 while retaining that simple "plug and play" operation and treasured sound quality that has made it a staple on player's boards for decades. Sam Bell tells us more.

The BOSS DD 3 is perhaps one of the most popular Delay pedals in the world; its classic and simple design has graced many pedalboards since 1986. The DD 3T is slightly tweaked version of the classic DD 3, and we'll take a look at what makes this different to the original version in a moment. But first, let's talk through the standard and well-loved features of the DD 3.

First of all, the pedal is simple to get to grips with; we have a mix, feedback and time control. The far righthand side control lets us change between 3 different ranges of Milliseconds, from 50, 200 up to 800 ms delay (which can be tweaked with the time control or tap tempo) and we also have the hold function. This is great for grabbing chords and sustaining them with a rhythmic pulse or holding onto short bursts of notes. There are tons of way's these features can be used. And many musicians have found many creative uses for this classic pedal and its crisp sounding digital delay.

So what makes this pedal different? Well, the Boss DD-3T is taking the classic DD-3 pedal and adding its own built TAP tempo, whilst also giving us the option of connecting an external TAP switch if we desire for further functionality. The pedal also includes a Direct Out for those wanting to send an un-affected signal to a second amp for Wet/Dry setups.

Boss has always paved the way for high-quality effects pedals which are consistent around the world, if you can get the tones from a specific boss pedal, you'll find you're able to get it from any boss pedal of the same model. Their build quality, simplicity and classic design continue to be a feature of many pedalboards from weekend warriors to fully touring professional's. The new and improved BOSS DD 3T is worthy of any setup, get one now!


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