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Michael Casswell's Pro Concepts

Thank you for reading this issue of Guitar Interactive Magazine, we truly appreciate your ongoing support.

In order to keep the magazine 100% free, we need to look at ways to help raise extra revenue, we have taken the decision to turn Michael's outstanding series into a course with so that you may purchase and collect every lesson. We are also proud to announce that a percentage of all profits will be going to Michael's Family.

Michael Casswell’s Pro Concepts was a hugely popular series of lessons in Guitar Interactive Magazine, until his tragic passing in September 2016. Pro Concepts is the culmination of Michael's many years of professional experience as a guitarist, performer and composer and focuses on the fundamental approaches, concepts and ideas that are essential for taking your playing to the next level.

Michael Casswell’s Pro Concepts will help you to look at guitar playing from a bigger perspective - one that goes beyond scales, licks, speed and technique to encourage you to match it with taste, restraint, musicality, flare, tone, touch, vibrato, feel, rhythm, groove, ideas, excitement and dynamics. As Michael would say, "If you think it’s ‘good enough’, then it’s not".