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Issues 2-13 are only available in PDF format, currently the videos and internal downloads are unavailable at this time. The download is available via the 'read issue' icon above.

iGuitar Magazine Issue 2 featuring Joe Satriani. In Issue 2 we interview Joe Satriani. Learn how to play like Joe Satriani with our Joe Satriani free guitar lessons. We review all of Joe Satriani pedals, amps and guitars. We demo and review the Ibanez JS1000 & the JS100, Marshall JVM Marshall 410 Head, Tascam GB1O & LR10, Dave Galileo All Valve Head, Rothwell Pedals F1 Booster Pedal, Vigier Excalibur Guitar, Line 6 POD HD 500, Orange Crush 35, Blackstar HT1 Amp.

We have acoustic guitar reviews , we review the Taylor GS8-e Electro Acoustic, Martin Performing Artist GPCPA3 and Faith Electro Acoustic.

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