YouRock Guitars Introduces Radius

Published 10 years ago on April 15, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

You Rock Guitar steps ahead by introducing another technological piece of musical equipment. Radius is a new high performance slim-line MIDI guitar neck accessory for the powerful and groundbreaking YRG1000 and YRG1000 .

We have learned a lot about our own technology since the introduction of our innovative and affordable MIDI guitar the YRG1000.”

The Radius makes it even easier to pick up and play MIDI guitar. The defining features are as follows:

  • New materials and technology have been implemented to significantly increase the fingerboard sensitivity.
  • A redesigned fingerboard has a 13” radius like a traditional electric guitar neck.
  • Neck contour has been slimmed down to a traditional ‘C’ or soft ‘V’ style neck.
  • The neck has been shrunk to a ‘vintage’ style 1~11/16” at the nut.
  • Standard fret spacing with 22 frets.

 Giving the guitarist another style of neck to expand their palette for music creation is just what YRG was looking for.

We don’t discount the current style neck at all as the two are very different” says Josh Elion, Product Manager of Inspired Instruments. The current neck has great spacing for the guitarist treating it more as a keyboard or using it for Tapping style playing. The new neck will allow guitarists the ability to play on a classic style ‘C’ neck, something they are used to. We are giving them options.”

Radius is now shipping.





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