Win one of TWO fantastic YouRock YRG MIDI Guitars

Published 8 years ago on June 17, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Win one of TWO fantasticYouRock YRG MIDI guitars in our great free entrycompetition!


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A MIDI guitar that really delivers has been a long time coming -but we've finally found one! Back in issue 14 we reviewed theYouRock YRG and Tom Quayle concluded: "If you're inthe market for a guitar to MIDI controller, I can't think of asingle reason why you wouldn't go for the YRG . It'smuch cheaper than any of the other offerings from other companiesand does the job better." Watch the review in the videobelow...



He went on to say: "The GI conclusion all round was that thisisn't just a fabulous instrument - it's an absolute bargain, too. Iwant one!" In fact Tom has gone on to add a YouRock to his armouryof some of the coolest high-tech gear!


Essentially the YouRock YRG is a MIDI GuitarController/Recorder with a touch-sensitive fingerboard. Here's whatyou can do with it:

Control music software such GarageBand, Cubase, Sonar, Reason,Pro Tools

USB interface compatible with PCs, Macs and iPads, etc ...

Combine live playing with backing tracks

Control MIDI keyboards

Record your own playing

Carry the You Rock Guitar in a standard backpack

Play along with your favourite music


We have two YouRock YRG packages with headstockbundles to give away - completely free! All you have to do isanswer the simple questions below and email your answers to us,with the subject "YouRock competition" to competitions@guitarinteractivemagazine.comRemember youmust be a registered Guitar Interactive reader to enter(it's free!). Two entrants with the correct answers will be chosenat random and each will receive one of these fabulousinstruments!




Q1. The YouRock YRG has a detachable neck so canfit in a backpack. True or False?


A/ True


B/ False



Q2. The YouRock YRG will work with a standard USBconnection so connects to iPhones and iPads as well as PCs andother devices. True or False?


A/ True


B/ False


Q3. 'MIDI' stands for


A/ Music Identification for Digital Instruments?


B/ Musical Information Direction Indicator?


C/ Musical Instrument Digital Interface?



To Enter - Email your answers (along with your name, emailaddress and daytime phone number, marked 'YouRock competition'


1/ All entries must be received by 8th July 2013. 2/ No cashalternative is offered instead of the stated prize. 3/ All entriesmust be submitted via e-mail. 4/ Only one entry per subscribedreader will be accepted. 5/ Employees of Guitar Interactive,YouRock Guitar or Licklibrary, and their immediate families, areineligible for this competition. 6/ The two winners will be chosen,at random, from registered readers of Guitar Interactive whoprovide the correct answers. 7/ The judges' decision is final. Nocorrespondence will be entered into regarding this competition. 9/Winning entrants must respond to email notification of having wonwithin 10 days, otherwise prizes may be forfeited and alternativewinners chosen. 10/ Winners may be responsible for import dutywhere levied. Where possible prizes will be despatched from thewinner's own country, but this will not always be possible. 11/Winners must provide a contact telephone number and valid emailaddress 12/ Prizewinners must consent to having their name andcity/country (e.g. 'Andres Segovia, Madrid, Spain') published in afuture issue.


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