The Great British Guitar Show 2014

Published 10 years ago on February 27, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

The Great British Guitar Show 2014 -

High Tech Distribution are set to exhibit at the Great British Guitar Show, 1st & 2nd March 2014. Hosted at the New Bingley Hall, Birmingham.

Vive la révolution! Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, will rock your world with a display of the finest, most durable guitars on the planet. Although elegant and sleek in terms of looks, these are a real players guitars, ready for the constant abuse of touring night after night.

Patrice Vigier has designed and crafted guitars at the very cutting edge of innovation and sophistication. Playability and tone are the most important aspects of any guitar, and Vigier delivers unmatched performance and stability in this area.

With over 30 years of excellence, discover why these award-winning, handcrafted instruments are at the very pinnacle of excellence.

Demand the best; MusicNomad - the only instrument care product you can afford to trust.

Want to shine onstage? Then experience why MusicNomad, has become the market leader for instrument care products as well as the only brand recommended by today's leading manufactures such as; Taylor, Tom Anderson, Kala Ukulele, Vigier, DW Drums and more.

Some of MusicNomad’s unique qualities include; no silicone, no ammonia, no harsh chemicals, UV protection, anti static, biodegradable packaging and great smelling too!

RapcoHorizon - saviours of tone, saviours of the planet.

You have the very best guitar, you have the perfect amp, but still you wonder why your tone isn't the nirvana you are looking for??

Well plug into the highest quality US cables available, delivering tone for life. With eco-friendly packaging you really are saving the planet at the same time…RapcoHorizon; cables you can trust with your tone.

Crossrock - Highly effective protection for your instrument.

Offering 4 levels of protection for your instruments. If you are not using a Crossrock gig-bag, you clearly don't care for your instruments protection.

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