TC Electronic Re-Releasing Shredder TonePrints

Published 10 years ago on July 12, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

TC Electronic Re-Releasing Shredder TonePrints-

TC Electronic isre-releasing the smash-hit package of TonePrints created by shredpowerhouses Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Doug Aldrichand John 5. These TonePrints are available free of charge via TC'swebsite or the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android.

John 5 kicks off this TonePrint lineup presenting a nice andpristine clean chorus aptly called 'Clean Chorus' and a hauntingly,eerie sound called 'Warble Chorus'.

Paul Gilbert brings the sweet lush tones of his Triple CaramelApple chorus TonePrint and the rich spacyness of his OtisFieldsgood reverb TonePrint.

Steve Morse brings his own unique Delay TonePrint, whichperfectly replicates the sound Steve uses live and in the studio.Also included in this package is Steve's Reverb TonePrint that'saimed at big open sounds, and a Spring Reverb TonePrint.

John Petrucci brings a crunch Vibrato for the Shaker Vibratopedal, a clean Chorus and a crunch Chorus for Corona Chorus or hissignature Dreamscape pedal and a very cool Flanger TonePrint.

Rounding out the shredder package is Doug Aldrich, whocontributes with a great sounding delay TonePrint and a fastvibrato TonePrint.

Tore Mogensen, Product Manager for Guitar at TC Electroniccomments:

"When we launched this package a year ago, it immediately shotto the top of the popularity list and it has never really left.Since the launch, we've grown immensely and we figured there are alot of people out there who'd really enjoy these TonePrints butnever really got to see them, because they are so new to TC - Ithink this relaunch will make a lot of people happy!"

Find out more at
TC Electronic 


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